Monday, June 2, 2014

Short Announcement

Short Announcement

First, I cannot post something lately, so you might want to enjoy some other post, click randomly on any word in this sentence and you will check an article that has less views so you probably have not read, or even a popular post. Note: this post is rushed and not really planned.

Second, I'd like to share some changes that I made to my twitch. I tried to upload a picture for my channel when it is offline, and a banner for my profile to invite more people to the blog. I am not always that good at making fake photoshop pictures or even a little photo editing, but I am also not that bad. I used a picture of a cannibalistic zombie giving his back to the sunset, and staring into the dark future that I use as a desktop background. Relax, it's Minecraft, and it's my own texture pack so it is a salesman holding dog food.

  Now the dimensions were frustrating, and not all of it was visible in both the banner and the channel, so I changed it for the channel so the main parts show, but I'll post the original on that I put for the banner here:

  I became a PC gamer, and I'm planning to buy Skyrim again for the PC all so that I can broadcast about it. Find me next month on Twitch! I also linked it to my Twitter, both under the name BluecometZola. I might try to use youtube, but really I want to save all my internet speed for Twitch. If I do, I will write it down.

  I'd like to hear your opinion on the banner. I was in a rush, and didn't know where to mention Zelda, since I am not planning to broadcast it.

  I tried to make a picture of myself in third person, and I set up quartz blocks and redstone torches while I looked upwards like a glorious leader. but I did not know how to take such screenshot (i.e. without looking into the camera), so I discarded the idea. Maybe next time.

  Yes I am planning to play Borderlands 2. I have the game, and I am trying to fit some time for a sound test. I might even make an outro/intro for myself. Now, I am also not that good in editing audio clips, but I am also not that bad. I played Borderlands 2 on Xbox, and I will start on PC. Any more and I'll reveal a secret that I want to keep for the broadcast!

  That's all for now. Check in next month for Twitch. I will post on this blog when I do. Thank you all for the views! I am now (I always was?) officially an internet beggar and proud of it.

Play More Zelda!

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