Monday, December 31, 2012

One more skin

One More Skin

Even though I thought I will not be able to upload more texture packs, especially with the addition of fireworks that are ruined by my outdated texture, there is one request that been done for you readers, because my website exceeded 1000 views. Thank you, everybody!
Now here is the skin, although it is not much, but it is Steve cosplaying as the harvest moon 64 main character.
Check it out for yourself:
If you download and it see it for yourself, wouldn't be better? Thank you all for supporting this site. Play more Minecraft!
Note: there is no download link in this webpage. You will be able to download it later.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Skull Kid and Kelolon

Skull Kid and Kelolon

We all know the Skull Kid from the Zelda series. He is that forest kid who was once human. But it seems that this has inspired other games too, like Lost Odssey and Blue Dragon.

  Skull Kid is a human that entered the (contaminated) Lost Woods and swallowed a lot of X-rays so he mutated into many life forms, the last one being a Skull Kid. It is even mentioned in the manga. Skull Kid will always be a child. But one thing always disturbs him. No face?! Why? He was the first, but now is not the only one. In Blue Dragon (Xbox 360 exclusive) A kelolon is a status aliment (like a bad thing) that transforms anybody into a “kelolon” see for yourself:

As you can see, mask-less Skull Kid and a Kelolon are relatives. They both have a dark face with glowing eyes, a hat that covers a lot of the head, the forest vibe (notice the leaf on the Kelolon’s head). No, the Kelolon is not a Pikmin.

  I first encountered it as a magical monster turning Kluke into this, and I was overjoyed with the weird look that I didn’t use Kelolon Powder to heal her. She is my favorite unit (not anime character) in combat. I kept healing her until the end of battle. Skull Kid’s “beak” only appeared in Majora’s Mask, and was absent even in Twilight Princess. In Ocarina of Time, the three skull kids seen are presumably one, right? Well this means that Skull Kid can play almost all blowing instruments, as the duo use a recorder, meanwhile he sometimes plays the flute, and he likes the ocarina, playing the trumpet too.

What has Skull Kid’s background got to do with a Kelolon? Well, in his Twilight Princess getup, Skull Kid looks even more like a Kelolon. It is quite obvious that Skull Kid quickly became popular in the developers’ minds. Will this mean that Skull Kid might be wanted in the next Zelda game, considering that the Wii U is an HD console and Xbox 360 is a current-gen HD console? People think not because the last game that skull kid appeared in is a Gamecube game, although it was also re-released on the Wii. I don’t think the Wii U would miss out on Skull Kid. The Kelolon could be a good idea to prove to Nintendo that Skull kid is wanted to appear. He is needed not to miss out on any home console ever since his first appearance.

  Once again Zelda continues to prove itself a very original and inspirational game, but will this be evidence that Skull Kid should appear on every home console of the generations to come?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Hello everybody

Hello everybody. It has been so long since this blog has been updated. Well, My texture pack is falling behind and i am noticing so many new items with each update that it will take time to catch up, so I am waiting for them to pile up so I do all in the same sitting. School came, you know.

  Oh today I would love to ask of you if you know a mod that can stop Herobrine from appearing in the game. I have installed redstone mods (many, in fact) but never a Herobrine mod. Even when I just began minecraft, I encountered Herobrine 3 times before I ever got mods or saw a redstone ore or diamond. Herobrine sets so many blocks on fire, makes some blocks move from places, disappear, and always appears in my face, etc. Just to let you know, I am using a far render distance, no fog, no mods, and peaceful difficulty. As a redstone freak, Herobrine is bugging me more than he is scaring me. It just annoys me how when I turn around I find the wire chewed to bits. Especially that i use colour-coded wool for wiring, in which case, is quickly flammable. So if someone can please tell me a mod that can stop Herobrine from appearing in the game, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Evolution in Zelda games

Evolution in Zelda games

When The Legend of Zelda was first released, it had the pixel graphics and odd logic. But that’s what made Zelda games grow to become what they are now. Some people think that variety in Zelda isn’t so hardcore, but if it wasn’t for it, many gamers couldn’t have tried the franchise at all.

  Zelda has dual genres, but it is not always the same all the time. When pocket gaming wasn’t so strong, it was mainly home consoles that featuring the adventuring RPG type, and the Game Boys having the puzzle types. Of course, games like the Minish Cap and Link’s Awakening did have RPG elements, but the dungeons had a unique style that surpasses some of its home-consoled counterparts. Especially when the boomerang came in; the top-down view of the room made it more of a puzzle than exploration. That’s what made the Phantom Hourglass deserve a sequel. Exploring the dungeon, however, isn’t on the other side of the lake; it is so cool to feel the adventure.
Zelda has a lot of beautiful places to visit and funny side-quests. Places such as Kakariko Village and Clock Town are so memorable that some have been almost copy-paste into other games. Obviously Kakariko is in other Zelda games, but surprisingly Clock Town resembles Twilight Town, from Kingdom Hearts. Maybe Clock town has more terror than in the peaceful, quiet, and rather non-existent residents of twilight town, but both towns have the same feel and the textures are the same:

If the similarity is not obvious, then at least the name hints that both towns’ name has something to do with time, and in their roles, both towns have a weird existence and do get destroyed (well, Link saves Clock Town, but Twilight Town wasn’t saved). Zelda had a lot of impact in many other games and it is very unique.

  One of the most ridicule subjects is the ESRB ratings. This is for all games. ESRB always says “crude humor” “fantasy violence” “mild cartoon blabla” but the fact that Nintendo gets lucky to give most Zelda games E+ doesn’t automatically conclude that Zelda is “just another kiddie game”. If it wasn’t for E+, my parents wouldn’t have bought me a Zelda game and I would’ve never been into the series. It is good to make sure what you are buying, and nobody wants an M-rated Zelda game, although the probability may occur. Zelda games have always been rated E+, except the recent ones: Twilight Princess got a T (13+) Spirit Tracks got a E10+, Link’s Crossbow Training got another T (13+) and Skyward Sword got an E10+. Sure this pattern is normal, and I do love a non-gloomy T+ game (like Link’s crossbow) but never an M game. This isn’t an argument about how those Xbox fans go like “Wahwah, now you babies go play Zelda” or “leave the conversation for real CoD fans” Well, I do have an Xbox for Halo and it isn’t anywhere near as hardcore as Zelda. You want a comparison? You want Proof? Well, if this article isn’t proof enough, then I CAN load this entire blog with proof. Just wait until the next article cooks up.

  So, although the title says “evolution” there is no gorilla-monkey-human diagram.  That theory is false. 100% false. And Zelda rules. Just saying.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2nd Adventure Map DOWNLOAD NOW

Secound Adventure Map Download Now
As you can see here:
spawn point

Player 1's farm plot

 P1's House

 House from the interior

 The beacon is at the very side

 Part of the village

 There are many villagers to trade with

 Scoreboard for Co-op

P2's House. Bigger farm plot, cleaner,bigger animal barn and coop, and start with adult animals

P2's Interior

Both houses are exact replicas

 Each house has a "memo" which has part of the story
The secound adventure map is now avaliable! This one features a more gloomy atmosphere. It was intended to be a replica of Friends Of Mineral Town but It turned out nothing like it. It has a story and Co-op Mode (yes it supports player 2) It has a lot of features that I didn't screenshot to keep it for you as a surprise. Also, I am using another computer that for some reason has a few problems in the texture pack. It also is a little slow in minecraft, last time I checked, one of the cows died due to being stuck in the wall. It really wasnt stuck, though, but this was after I uploaded the adventure map to the internet by a few minutes.
P1 has baby animals, a very messy and small plot, less water around the farmland, and no light. P2 has adult animals, an extra chicken, bigger, cleaner plot, more water, and light. This is to compensate P2 of being very far away from the village. Handicapping P2 gives and even better challenge to you, the host. The village is full of people to trade and iron golems (that i didn't spawn) to protect from people loss. One thing i forgot to add was Coal. You should strive in this adventure map and experience hard conditions. I added many branches of "Good Deals Store" which is an attempt to find the best trading deals with villagers. These deals do not repeat. But there are better deals in the fish market and the general store. I just added this feature for P2 for quick shopping. At the end of every minecraft week, you should evaluate which has the most emeralds or whatever. Be honest, it is only between you and your friend. Have fun! Here is the download link. Remember that the villagers is the only way to sell your goods and buy more stuff for you. Like food. or for your puppy too. There is a diamond pickaxe somewhere....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Texture pack update! DOWNLOAD NOW

Yes, the new texture pack is here
Supporting most blocks, having some tools done, the new texture pack is here! Ofcourse with the so many updates I can't catch up and finish the texture pack at all. But here is the last changes so far:
 so cute pumkins!

from left to right: dispenser, obsidian, netherrack, nether fence, soul sand

milk looks like the gallon milk bucket (closer image soon)

glowstone from far away really looks like a ship's searchlight.

 door inspired by twin village (a tale of two towns) with a curtain under the windows.

glowstone meant to look like ship searchlights.


Netherrack looks weird at the moment. It will change soon (it was intended to be a "fire sponge") Soul sand look like dead farmland or a path. Redstone troches, Repeaters, all the rails, trapdoors, levers etc have all been done (but it takes a lot to upload images) and it doesnt matter in harvest moon. Download Boy version here and Girl version here.
Now i will temporarily retire from this to make a new adventure map. ;)

Bricks, slabs, tools

Almost done with all the blocks
Hopefully tomorow the new texture pack will be uploaded. Almost finished the blocks of the world. What is left is netherrack, soul sand, pistons, mushrooms, and doors. Also, the tools have almost been finished. This raises question to: Where is the shovel in harvest moon? I never saw a shovel in a harvest moon game (I don't have a PS2) anyway here are the pictures:
 pickaxe became hammers

weeds at the beginning of your farm plot

 all the tools will be oriented as harvest moon Friends Of Mineral Town (GBA)

 fixed carrot on a stick

Stone bricks, slabs, and the cortex of the wood is done

 Clay bricks and nether bricks of the ruins are done (not much difference though)
 The confusing thing is mossy cobblestone. Hopefully tomorow even the new 1.4.2 will be supported, as well as an adventure map update. Can't wait to add the "Hardcore Harvest Moon" version, but I have to be done first. Thanks everybody for pointing out what needs to change and update.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Texture pack DOWNLOAD NOW

Harvest moon-craft texture pack download link
Finally you can download the texture pack ready. But before that please take a look at the few improvements made in the texture pack so far. Not all the blocks are covered and I am still continuing in progressing through the pack. NEW ORES!

Also, ice problems and most problems are fixed. As you notice, the grass now has a rich colour other than the blanket-like colour it used to have. All four wood types have new texture now (as if it matters in the harvest moon game, but it does in minecraft to create an atmosphere of cuteness) all the wool is given a solid colour so that it looks really good when you make it a carpet or a wall because you will have a smooth looking beautiful room. The exception is yellow wool, striped in a way to implay a stack of hay, giving realism that the animals eat. Sand is more pale to imply that it has low density and it is more shiny in the sun. Sandstone looks okay, but not as good as decorative sandstone and the smoothe sandstone. Smooth sandstone are really nice building blocks. The new ores are supposed to look like this photo of Islands of Happiness' ores (see above). The ores were suggested by Youtuber linky624. The high quality DS screenshot is made by
Now you have the choice of which texture pack you want. The boy version, and the girl version. They are exactly the same except for the texture of steve is either Mark or Chelsea. The cow is the creamy white one with the black spots in the pattern of the original cow as you see above. If you like this and want to enjoy the farm too, here is the adventure map for it.
If you can't find the farm here is minecraft updater for you to be Mark or Chelsea.
Soon all the cows will be added. Thank you for downloading this.
You can install a texture pack by opening minecraft, then click on texture pack, open texture pack folder, then extract the zip and put the "minecraft" folder in it. You can add the adventure map by adding it to the saves folder of .minecraft inside Roaming inside "%appdata%". Minecraft updater works standalone. Don't use it to hack because it won't work anyway :P

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


There hasn't been many updates in the texture pack. Sorry about that. But now there are many fixed problems. However i didn't upload the new version yet. Please be peitient because at the end of the week a lot of progress will be uploaded.
 a checkered bed. The design is still not finished.

 New jungle tree texture and the cocoa beans got fixed.

 the snow got fixed.

 the glowstone got fixed.

 the world is more natural.

 the large chest looking fancy. see the rubies that represent flowers?

 the chest looks cute now.

 the water is clearer.