Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Choose Your Death: Artificial intelligence and the future

This is the second entry in a series. Check the first part here.

Artificial intelligence and the future

     Just as we though the future couldn’t be worse, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering proves us wrong. Genetic Engineering? How’s that related to anything? Well, read on, and you might freak out.

   First things first: Artificial intelligence can, and will, kill us all. No, I will not go into the overused theory of how they will have minds of their own and ultimately decide that humans are letting them down so they seek to eradicate the entire race for their own good. Rather, let us look realistically – despite the fact that these theories do have some ground and are actually beginning to emerge – but there is a different approach.

     Firstly, what do we define artificial intelligence as? What do we think we use it for? It’s main purpose is to monitor something and identify the mistakes. However so far, it’s attempts to fix them aren’t terrifying at all.
we could learn a thing or two from transformers

    For simplification, the newer cars buzz when they find an object when in reverse. That is a very linear example, but the “intelligence” here only recognizes the problem, but does not act to solve it. If such simple mechanisms were used in military, with the program allowed to take the “necessary procedures” to tackle the problem, then the program will be called “Goodbye World” even while fully following orders. Robots don’t need a mind of their own to be taught how to use a gun and it’s as easy as minesweeper to program a robot to perform large-scale massacres, but not excluding the ability to investigate hidden targets and carefully assassinate them too.

     So, what level should the panic-o-meter get? Wait, that wasn’t scary enough? What’s the difference between this and weaponry? These robots could be made to look like ordinary humans. They could be present in society, hiding, collecting a huge amount of information, becoming a pillar in crime life and mafias, ready to make them become militia when war is to strike and armies need “help”. That’s evil beyond evil. It gets worse. The possibilities are endless. These robots, can not only act in peaceful times, but in racial war, they can be the only ones who can quickly know the race from DNA, on the site too. Now, why would anyone start a racial war is beyond me, but we must acknowledge that such analysis of individuals can only be done on site via advancements in both genetic engineering and artificial intelligence. 

     At those times, you’ll find “literature” based on their diaries, or what they write to their supervisors as to what happened to them every day. Even though, the media will shush about the gravity of our situation. There are possibilities which I have not even started talking about, such as the AI chips inserted into the brain of a living human being, passively making him go insane, or recording all what he sees, or eventually controlling the body altogether. Artificial intelligence is even more frightful than taking our jobs or having a mind of their own and killing us. Because upon reaching the “getting their own conscious” stage, they would've already killed plenty of us.

Do I make a good fortune teller? Or does this sound like some paranoid conspiracy theory? If you liked it, check the first one. Play More Zelda!

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