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Happy Wars Random Diary

Happy Wars Random Diary

    I play a lot of Happy Wars (I'm BluecometZola), and it could be the only reason I buy Gold every year. But with the updates and then the Season 2, there have been a lot of changes, but not just in the game itself. People act a lot differently as well, in response. Trying to put that in chronological order is very funny. So here goes nothing:
DLC shield

The No0b Era
    The update that brought 3 characters in every class came with a big no0b identification system: clothes. Prior to the update any new player would come with the only character in each class wearing the only set they ever have, but thanks to the update, I began seeing people without even weapons playing a quick match! That was really frustrating since the game depends on teamwork, but thankfully there is a good way to spread out the newbs in each team, except that they weren’t newbs. They were actually enjoying ruining the game by not co-operating. So it’s either you’re on the lucky team or everything is on your shoulders. The only good thing is that they’re easy to kill, however the bots did not assist at all. 
Minecraft pickaxe

Team Skill Era
  Ragequitting at its finest. The lobbies were empty of real players, only containing what’s worse than no0bs and hackers: EXP grinders. Not the stereotypical hardcore gamers of the classical JRPG genre, but ones that remain in the castle the whole match just to use team skills (Y commands). It was from both teams as well. As if a peace treaty was formed, they all remained in their respective castles to keep people like me from ending the match before the 15 minute mark, so they can summon tornados to break their ballistae as soon as they are formed while the next meteor storm charges up. Despite all that, they were easy to destroy, but there’s no fun in being MVP every match, so I stopped playing Happy Wars for a while too.

Decline Era
   The update before before the Season Two returned the 15 people policy, and there were hackers on the servers, Quite annoying ones actually. After that update, servers were kind of laggy as well. I felt discouraged to play, especially that hackers are spoil sports, except that the only thing that was fun is hearing them yell in the lobby after the match when I actually defeat them, and that wasn’t an easy feat.

Co-op Era
    Finally everybody like Co-op again! Minecraft and chicken mode have been special additions to Co-op mode and it was a great time. I miss the chicken legs tower defense mode, and the Hard mode was really tough. If someone from the Happy Wars team is reading this, add it forever as a separate mode!
warrior. I only play for missions

Berserk Era
  Three words: I hate berserks. But now I am used to them. I think this is to the fact that Season Two was reviewed positively and had a great amount of improvements. It gained a lot of popularity and usually I choose the cleric, but I found myself getting MVP a lot with the new Engineer class. The new classes also encouraged me to try the Mage class, with my previously salvaged creeper helmet for the wizard, to destroy the Gatling guns above the enemy castle. I think in general Season Two utilised the abilities of every class and gave them distinctive skills to excel in their own field.
old magician. Still use the creeper hat

Guild Era
   Also known as parties, without the clan tags in Call of Duty, some people actually dedicate their Gamertag to their clan, which feels funny, like a series of Gundam models. Series like BrzT and Elite are all very funny and enjoyable to play with or against, as these people show distinctive unity and special techniques that rival Naruto’s ninja style. For a long time, I’ve wished to have that too. I would’ve liked to be the cleric and have a magician by my side to destroy the ballistae above while I build a ladder, and not some AI who helps the enemy destroy the wall enclosure which I build. As my avatar would say: “Formidable foes indeed!”
engineer class: wind waker eyes and deku leaf shield

   These are just some misadventures of Happy Wars, and I really like it that I even recorded some random time of me playing it a long while ago. I may even share it one day.
hooray for full lobbies.

   If there is any suggestions that I’d like to have for Happy Wars, it’s to add bonus time to other modes as well, and count the loot as bonus time even if we started 1 minute before bonus time (if bonus time started when we are in the middle of the match), also not to make all the headgear covering the hair (Even though the train set looks good) because that’s just ugly. My warrior looks really unattractive with a helmet covering the whole head. My third cleric deliberately has a weak hat… because when equipped with the flag it’s fun to look at the contrast of colours when I change the view to top-down at the desert stage. Likewise, as mentioned above, add the tower defense mode as a separate mode.
you can be on the losing team and still be MVP

    Sorry that this is such a short article, but I want to prepare for something bigger. It could be anything that I have or haven’t promised you, thus I have to keep my promises. Read a random article about Xbox here, and read the previous article here. Play More Zelda!

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