Monday, June 30, 2014

3 Essential Android Apps For Ramadan

3 Essential Android Apps For Ramadan

   Today marks the second, or third, day of Ramadan, depending on where you live. What is Ramadan, you ask? It is a month in the lunar calendar that Muslims fast in. Fasting is not eating or drinking from dawn to sunset. That's a lot of effort. It is also a very fun and engaging experience as it reminds all Muslims to remember their God, encourages good deeds such as charity, praying, reading the Quran, and so on.

  One of the things that set Ramadan apart from solo fasting is that everyone gets to feel what the poor people go through. Some non-Muslims even tried fasting and it is a good spiritual experience too. It's more about morals and a good reminder to us all about how we should share our food with those who cannot.

  Fasting also has many benefits, and not weight loss. It helps to slow down atherosclerosis and even heal heart problems relating to that. The weight loss trick only works with some (very lucky) people.

  That is why I finally decided on the best three android applications for all the Muslims out there who really are spending their time reading the Quran, praying and remembering that fasting is not only refraining from food and drink, but also spiritual commitment. The list is in no special order and their jobs/purposes do not overlap.

1- Quran

"The best interface is lack of it." ~me, just now. Seriously though, this one uses the stock android UI which means it is fast and wouldn't need so much cache loaded at any one time, which is perfect for its very function. It also allows you to download the MP3 files of either the entire Quran, or per Surah, of the reciter of your choice. They have a vast library.

 But it doesn't stop at that. Every Ayah is highlighted when it is playing as an audio. Even with the app running in background, the active notification will always update itself corresponding to the correct Ayah being played.

This one has fully functional multiple language modes. It is packed with features and isn't bad at it too. And has outstanding UI for the performance and functionality it has.

Basically this app guesstimates your location when you refuse to open GPS, but it's not bad. Then it locates all the prayer times from the closest mosque, or from your city, and viola! You can get notifications of prayer times complete with custom sound and preloaded serene Athan tracks.

It also has compass with Qibla arrow according to your city, which you can refresh anytime. There is also a widget, and who doesn't want that? Disadvantages are that it has a little too much complex process to find the notification type that you need.

it doesn't have the red frame

  This one was recommended by a friend, because it actually differs from country to country. This is a low sized application for converting Georgian dates to Hijri calendar (the lunar months I mentioned earlier) and vice versa via a single click. It follows calculations not observations, which is why it's handy. I, however, do not like it's old fashioned look and the fact that it has not been updated, but it does its function well and has low memory requirement.

  So there you have it. Three essentials for any Muslim, especially ones who actually want to change this Ramadan. Remember, don't be Ramadan Muslims!

  Now on some information on the resource pack, I will not be adding any more blocks and will currently focus on making a low memory version compatible with other resource packs to stack, also I will plan to add the new blocks to older texture pack. If there's any blocks I must change, it's quartz ore. I'll leave the crops and nether crops after I fix the compatibility issues. Sorry about that, because it will be an even longer delay. Play More Zelda!

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