Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Comic TIme


First I apologize for the lack of posts, however if you follow me on Twitter you'll at least know that I am not off the grid.

You could say I got more responsibilities in life. And that has made me learn about so much stuff. About politics, economics, science, and why I really loved Engineering in the first place. This gave me a reason to write passionately about things unrelated to the theme of this blog. I tried to write about phones, about anything, but I just couldn't. Soon, I will change the theme of this blog to include all the topics I care about, because we are all complete personalities, and my ever-growing socialist self is taking over.

But before I do that, I decided to start a small comic about Happy Wars, and I will reference my favorite games and anime there, probably. It's just for fun. SO here are the first two entries.

I intend to animate and even voice act a little main story if I get as far as to start the main plot, which is ridiculous and not in any way serious.

Thanks so much for keeping the blog alive, and my minecraft texture pack is still being updated. This time it will be a massive update. NO screenshots though! XD