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Predictions about the new Zelda

Predictions about the new Zelda

  As the new Nintendo direct has said, There is a spin-off called Hyrule Warriors, which is something between Koei's games and the Zelda series. Should the Zelda cycle repeat itself with this one too, or should it be something different?

the visual novel-like part of the game does not deprive the
game from its beauty. Captions are still weird.
First off, I'd like to define games like Dynasty Warriors which Techmo Koei could be famous for. To start off, I have seen the game (obviously) but haven't owned it nor played it for that matter, but I do have Chronicles Samurai Warriors, and I am deeply attached to it (but I didn't write a review because I didn't finish it yet) and I can say the game looks from outside like its too simple, but in actuality its quite hard and has complex controls, not to mention that the story is packed and a little more than visual novel games. It feels more overflowing than many Final Fantasy games, and is on par with Fire Emblem Awakening. You will use all of the features of the game at some point and find yourself grinding and repeating levels so many times. But this isn't a review about the game, it's an explanation of what's to come next.

so many special attacks, character customization, buy your own horse, so many ways to increase your capacity of stats, etc

  Setting the plates on the table, it is a spin-off, which means:

  • It won't make it to Hyrule Historia
  • It won't affect the fanbase
  • It won't have a Zelda cycle
  • It could have voice acting and different character development.
why does he start with OOT's castle behind him? Is this tower defence? Read on to find out.

And this is where I am excited. I love Koei's logic in making characters, and it will most probably feature that kind of story progression, where Link still won't have a voice, but all the other people would. I am curious in finding out what kind of way the characters will talk, since Chronicles Samurai Warriors does have a lot of Zelda atmosphere to it.
  I also noticed from the video that it could be possible that the Bokoblins could show emotions like fear, bravery, loyalty, encouragement, and retreat; making them more personified. The castle-like stronghold is a location of enemy spawns. Since of course Zelda has dungeons, this means that a reward like a small key could come from capturing a stronghold which can be used to get items, or explore new areas, as the chest-opening scene showed.
such an attack is something that 100% fits both Zelda and Samurai Chronicles

    Another two things that I have noticed are that it's Skyward Sword based, which is epic, and also that the world feels more "free", depending on how you interpret it. Sure, if it's level based, then there is no freedom, but if we think that the students at the Knight Academy of Skyward Sword are actually more useful than just making sure that you don't fall of Skyloft without your Loftwing, then it all adds up. This would mean that the fate of the world is not all resting on one man's shoulder, but instead, on a whole squad that support each other. For example, Pippit can have the gust bellows (since he has to clean his house) and Karane can have an all new weapon, like a flail or a spear, or another Zelda item, just like how the fire staff is a new item. Then we can control more than one character and know more about their personalities. The possibilities are endless, although the video showed soldiers more closely associated with the Ocarina of Time's theme, but that is sure bound to change.
OOT bosses, but even Lizafos and bokoblins aren't from there. Which is why I assume these soldiers will change as they aren't even OOT when my predictions is that they'll match Skyward Sword plus a little more tough demons from further down the timeline by a little bit.

   My predictions is that it would show the after story of how the humans adapted to live on the ground and this army is invading to build their own base, maybe generations later so different Knight Academy students exist but its the same world as Skyward Sword. Or if that sounds too evil, it could be that they have already built their base and then the demons started camping around the human territory (attack on titans?), but that would make most of the levels a form of tower defence. I doubt that Ghirahim, Vaati, or Ganondorf will play a vital role nor that the story will go too deep into the franchise's storyline though.

  I know that basing it on one game isn't the most valid thing to do, but it does make more sense that it would match the latest installment from Koei just like it is following the latest Zelda game's formula. Play More Zelda!

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