Monday, August 12, 2013

360 Looking Dumber To Make Way For The One

360 Looking Dumber To Make Way For The One

  Apparently because the new generation doesn’t offer much jump from the previous generations and thanks to the 360 and ps3 online games, it would look like the new generation wouldn’t have any genuine taste. So instead of adding spices to the new plate, let’s make the old one rot.

  The fact that the games are repeating themselves is not my assumption; even Microsoft admits it through its actions, as they seem to try to make the spotlight shine at the Xbox One even before the release date. Who knows if the story continues more than that?

  For now, let us set the facts that are already happening:

First, we get the two free games with Gold per month. Cool right? Well, it somehow feels like those last-time promotions that after that, a lot of prices will drop. It is like they are trying to say “you should be already getting bored from your Xbox so we got these so that you don’t regret all these Gold years” This is Microsoft’s smart way to direct your interest onto the Xbox One, really smart marketing. Check it on the official website here.

Next, we have the “no more MS points system and it will all be currency” ninja art. This will magically transform all your live points you use to get DLCs into their corresponding value of currency (US dollars I think). I can only hope the values of points do not decrease, but they wouldn’t do that right? Check out about it here, it still hasn’t been applied yet. Anyway, I do trust them in this. It is even on the official website too, here.

Now, and more recently, family accounts will be split. I never used a family account so I don’t really understand why this will happen, but it is more like going back a step, to make the Xbox One shine some more. Check out the news here, and at least it feels like a good deal, until the gold is active.

 More like, this is the time my Gold expires (school almost starts) so I should get myself some points too, before they are removed from stores.

My life aside, it really does seem like another Microsoft-ish way to make you feel that this item is so popular and everybody is thinking about it. I somehow think this somehow fails the current console which isn’t finished yet. Just like how Nintendo dealt the last stab in the Wii when it removed the internet from it, to make way for the Wii U. The only difference is that the Wii U was already out at that time. Still, Nintendo completely removed all online features, and the feeling of just packing up and leaving the customer support is just becoming more popular these days. (What?)

  So which console to choose for the next generation? To tell the truth, I’d wait for the next JRPGs. If Dragon Quest drops the online games, I will buy the console it gets on. Of course Nintendo gets priority because of Zelda. If Final Fantasy 15 or something drops online as well, I will get that. The consoles with more JRPGs win, to me that is. If a game for an anime I like, for example Cuticle Tantei Inaba came on the 3DS, then yes (but localization is another issue), although I already have a 3DS. However if PSvita gets it, then screw it! I wanted a PSP for two or three games (Crisis Core, Birth By Sleep) and I wish Sony stops getting all that luck, or Zelda and super smash come on Playstation, then I would buy a Playstation. For now, I regret buying an Xbox 360. NEVER AGAIN! However, I did get it for Blue dragon, dynasty warriors, final fantasy (which isn’t an exclusive) and I am happy about these, but any more diving into any Xbox and all you see is useless gore. I am okay with blood, but gore is a bunch of pointless mentally retarded images. All its fan base sware all the time, have no manners, and are not geeks, nerds, otakus, etc. Gamers aren’t really supposed to be mainstream, but Call of Duty fans are.

  But choosing a console doesn’t depend on fan base or looks; it is about the game itself. I don’t like online games because:

·       My friends are absolutely so smart that they lose all the time

·       I don’t always have internet

·       I like single player games more (my opinion)

Microsoft does a really good job, and I do like Happy Wars, and some more Xbox games, but everybody is taking a step behind, even my beloved Nintendo, so basically if Zelda came on something else, and super smash, I’d get that something else, unless it is that android console. That’s all from me about this issue. I don’t want to be bad to the Xbox that I spent one summer with (playing Final Fantasy 13-2 then SOMEBODY deleted my save file when I was fighting the last boss Bahamut! Thanks a lot Mr. anonymous I-know-who-you-are) so I am happy that the Xbox didn’t die as fast as the Wii at least. I still play the Wii though. Play More Zelda!

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