Sunday, October 27, 2013

Girls Convention in KSA

Girls Convention in KSA

   Naruto was present in bountiful numbers at GCON this weekend. It was a girls-only convention and was really fun.
Why they had even Alienware an PSVita but not this!

The event was mainly from Sony, but the Wii U was also there. Xbox never showed up. I saw the 4K Sony screens which looked really high quality even on a PS3 without the 4K support. The sharpness was fantastically precise on both consoles which were HD but not having 4K support. This proves the quality of the screens and their capability. Unfortunately I did not check if I could see without glasses: I was in a public place and didn't have a tape measure. Its colours were vivid, though, and much better than the concealed HD screens. Above all, it was sharper. I feel the Wind Waker HD isn't so useless after all.

A lot of these jackets were also present
  There were a lot of cosplayers in the convention. Most people, including me, were playing it safe and cosplaying as mainstream characters or from extremely popular series. Most were either Naruto or from the Pokemon series, and the flagship characters too. There was a Fullmetal alchemist and quite a few soldiers from Attack on Titans. There were some Vocaloids, but honestly, only a minute few of the entire convention looked hand-sewn. Creativity was not a wanted thing in the convention: a lot of girls didn't understand my version of a Team Rocket grunt. However this is true for all conventions, and this one had a lot of great events.

   Tips for first-timers?

 Be yourself behind the cosplay. You probably won't have much time and resources to get a perfect cosplay, and most probably the cosplay isn’t your perfect touch of fashion. Wearing a uniform (for example Team Rocket uniform, not a cosplay of one character) allows you to be yourself behind the uniform, just as there is plenty of Team Rocket members which are probably not met. This allows your hairstyle to be whatever you want, and you can spare yourself the wig. I won't say that all ready-made outfits are not real cosplays, but if you are trying to be a unique character (e.g. Ciel Phantomhive), do not print on flat shirts and aim for perfection in fabrics at least.
 (what I really wanted to cosplay as was also a uniform of a sort)

  Another good thing is to be friendly in the convention, since there is no reason to stress yourself out or act as the character you are cosplaying. Be your cheerful self. These people are probably the only ones like you that you will meet. And since it is a party of some sort, so might as well take the chance to socialize.
don't go online shopping and then complain everybody is wearing the same. This is also somewhat a uniform but you barely have room for creativity, right?

  All in all it was a great convention, my complaint probably is that it is dark, but otherwise it was great. I advise more girls to cosplay next year, maybe with wide clothes and the Hijab if you are worried about the pictures. A lot of people respect privacy and a lot of cosplayers agree on taking pictures.

 As a Zelda fan, I seem to have insulted the Wind Waker HD remake. For that, I am not sorry, and I request from Nintendo a direct sequel to Super Mario Sunshine, with its superior physics and water surface shape than the Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario Galaxy had more fluidity in controls, and the laws of gravity were quite fun, but I miss the law of conservation of momentum in Super Mario Sunshine and I do not want a remake: I want a sequel. Maybe I'll write more on that later, but for now, Play More Zelda! It's coming 22nd November!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Futari Wa Milky Holmes Review

Anime Review: Futari wa Milky Holmes

  As if the series wasn’t weird enough. They had to go and make a side story with actually a progressing plot. I noticed that on the internet people say it destroyed the series. While I do have my own complaints on this season, there are reasons why this anime is a great addition to the series.

  First, let’s start with the main characters. Kazumi was a good protagonist; her friend Alice was downright plain. Even Kazumi can be considered a little slow at the start, but then again she is the one who lifts off the entire plot. Alice, on the other hand, had a good look, transformation, toys, and voice, but her personality lacked and lagged a lot. She was just the ordinary, shy, polite girl who leaves the thinking to other people. If it wasn’t for Kazumi, they would’ve never even begun the series. If it wasn’t for her amazing toys, she’d get a zero. 1/10 for Alice and 5/10 overall (let’s not talk about spoilers in such a small anime.)

  Why 5/10 ? There are a great bunch of characters that appear later on. Especially two certain braided creatures that have a really good background and perfectly twisted personalities. The reason why it doesn't get more is because some really good character slots never even showed up. They would've made more room for epic battles and crazy personalities, as there really was some crazy people and liars in the anime, but they only got one or two short scenes, and no fighting. You could only guess that it might’ve even been as huge as Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood with an extremely twisted plot, but the short time sadly ended the story way too soon.

  Moving on to my biggest complaint in this season: the TIME! Only twelve “episodes”, each one being only 12 minutes! WHY? I wanted more, and I think if this season had a more open ending then it could’ve been possible that the series will prove itself more and more. Plot’s too short.

  Next is the plot itself. It doesn't have that much comedy, which is a plus due to being a first in the series. Anymore said would spoil anything, so I’ll leave the last part for the spoilers. I give it 8/10 for being awesome.

  What else is there to talk about? The unique toys, a heroine with a bow and arrow, and the list goes on. The world itself feels different in a great and unique way. (Easter egg spoiler) Phantom Thief Empire appear as the cool allies of justice too.

  Overall I give this season a 7/10. It has good music, good opening, good artstyle (as is the rest of the series), but loses points for time and trying to pack it all in that time.

Play More Zelda!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Eid Mubarak

Since it is the Hajj vacation, we all got to prepare for Eid. Are you fasting today?
Eid Mubarak for every one around the world. Today (15th October 2013) is the Eid Adha, which means Festival of the Sacrifice, where Muslims around the world sacrifice a sheep, goat, cow, or anything similar, and it is only for those who can afford it. The meat from the sacrificed animal is divided into three parts: a third for oneself, a third for the friends and family, and a third for the poor people. Islam has plenty of charity-motivating acts or even times when charity becomes obligatory, such as the case when you do sacrifice the animal at Eid.
Thus, Eid brings happiness to everybody, and it is important to realize how important charity is. Islam encourages charity in various ways as well.