Thursday, April 4, 2013


Unfortunetly I will not be able to post much until the summer starts, so here is a little farewell. for this I will show you my favourite female characters that will make me have to make my avatar a guy in the next playthrough

Then I want to tell you that Fire Emblem has the coolest soundtracks and my two favourite were destiny and destiny ablaze (ironically, I like ablaze more) also it is a little sad that my Say'ri can't support with Libra although I think they are similar. I am not a match maker but still their interests and goals are mutual. I don't understand why Henry is a rebel from such a powerful army but he is a great addition to the army as he reminds me of one of my childhood favourite characters:

then comes the reason why I want this game to be real. First it is good that there are some girl-only classes and boy-only classes which makes sense really. When Libra introduced himself as a war monk, he gave me hope to bring Lissa up to the front lines as a war cleric. I extremely love the class system. I love the stat system. I love the weapon system and the probability algorithm (although it gets cruel sometimes). I love the hidden skills like lethality for assassins and vengeance for sorcerers, as well as others (let's not mention my deadly ignis or the super-handy Astra)

The hardest thing is obtaining weapons. I did finish the game, but i was never able to forge, because I hardly have any cash anyway! I am running short on Levin swords and Alm blades, which are good with trickster classes for some reason. Also beast Killers and Armoslayers are hardly having a chance to shine because they break before I can forge. Honestly I have never forged in the entire playthrough of the game, ever! What a sad truth, but I heard it is really handy.

If I was in reality a fire emblem character, I guess my class would be a trickster, a dark flier, or a myrmidon. I know they don't match, but using losing a few stats is a good price to pay to be able to open chests, use tomes AND use swords. Being weak to arrows is but nothing compared to the high move value, heck if you train them in a former class well they will already have high defence and stuff so they serve as reliable transportation methods. As for Myrmidon, it is for the skill and because Lyn in this game is also a Myrmidon (yes I do this for good looks) but maybe I wouldn't be one. Oh well.

Just as a side note, my favourite character in Haruhi Suzumiya is Itsuki Koizumi. Especially during his class' performance in the art festival he was wearing something that reminded me of Rath from fire emblem GBA, and that was his cutest get up. Not only does he look super cute on normal occasions, this was just even more cute.

Worst thing about the art festival is the crowd are exactly like me in the reason why they came to watch this:

We can all ignore Kyon. As usual.

Sorry about the lack of updates of the texture pack, but even the steve skin isn't perfect anymore. I don't know when I will be done with it but it is a lot of work. I will try to get it done with in the summer ASAP.

 However my summer life is over before it began due to Kingdom Hearts 3D. I play Kingdom Hearts only in summer vacation because it is too addictive. I injured my hand twice when playing 365/2 days. Really! Anyway have fun and Play More Zelda!

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