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Zelda Month 2013: Top 5 Android Zelda

Zelda Month 2013: Top 5 Android Zelda
  As PBG on youtube started Zelda Month on November, I was thinking that it’s about time someone picks it up as well, just as how last year’s November’s lone article was about Zelda.
I know this looks like the worst photoshop ever, but it is to make you laugh. The belts are just the "not tunic" part.

  However, what have I prepared for the Zelda month? That’s right: Nothing to download. My surprise Majora’s Mask Adventure Map for Minecraft is far from being finished, and my Ocarina Of Time texture pack is outdated.
  But that doesn’t mean there is nothing to download at all! Here are the top 5 free Zelda related apps for Android:

  While it does bring many different video game references, especially from Dragon Quest, I can’t seem to stop playing The Legend Of Item Shop. One more downfall is the translation of the game is very horrible. Other than that it feels like if Link lived as a merchant in the Zelda universe. It may not be about description but about gameplay, and it is tuely awesome. It has monster fighting areas, time-based AI, farming, and crafting/forging.

   It is pretty much the only game I saw so far that claims to be Zelda-related and is actually proving that claim. It is the only game with this claim that has a relation to Zelda other than the overworld sprites. From the outside, you may think it could look like Luminous arc or something, but really, it has this much Zelda puzzle-logic inside. The enemy movements do feel a little like the Secret of Mana series though. Also, since when do all Zelda clones have to have 100% magic oriented characters? This is wrong. Because Ghirahim said once that Link doesn’t know a thing about real magic, so basically magicians shouldn’t be there. But oh well, who cares; it’s optional in this game.

   While it may not be a Zelda-related app, it is by far the smoothest emulator ever for the Gameboy Advanced. You don’t have to unzip, ofcourse, and it has its own file browser. Considering that Minish Cap and Link To The Past are on GBA, I never leave the phone from my hands. You can get the games from emuparadise, and if you are on an android right now here are the direct download links:

2- Widgets: Heart battery and MM clock
     If you want to stylize any phone, you need widgets. My top best (that are still on the market) widgets are:
i just love the kerchunk every 30 minutes when I study. The new updates bring a lot of customization too.
Majora’s Mask Clock
I think they are musts, however, the only Heart Widget that actually displays the percentage is not free, but it is the one I use. Majora’s Mask clock even makes sounds at 6 am and 6 pm (although since the update you can change the time), which feel real cool.

1- 91 PandaHome and Ring Pack

  Alright, this isn’t one application, plus neither of them is standalone. However this is my favourite combo to 100% turn your phone to have a Zelda-feel for it. First there is this third-party Launcher for androids, the 91 PandaHome. Then you get the official Legend of Zelda theme for the Launcher. Now you may be thinking that their icons are cool alright, but there aren’t enough Icons! Well, you can go and search for your own icon pack to replace it, but honestly I wasn’t impressed by any other icon pack. Besides, it is from LoZ: Spirit Tracks! And who doesn’t love it?! Overall, I love this theme’s consistency despite PandaHome not being my favourite launcher of all time, but I did switch to it just for this theme.

  Now your notifications probably still sound like water drops or pebbles. This is where you install RingPack, and then install either Navi RingPack or OOT RingPack, or both. There was an app I use alongside those three, but unfortunetly it’s off the market now, that allows me to save the sound effects on the system so that I can apply them on other apps than the messaging, such as Line or Whatsapp, which would've replace RingPack in the list if it was there. There was even a radio hyrule app, but where has it gone? Honestly, I know that RingPack isn't that good, but PandaHome's theme is really awesome.

  Other than widgets, there are walkthrough apps, like Zelda Ocarina Of Time Guide which has a Navi icon, and I use with my OOT 3D remake, but It shouldn’t be included in the list. There were a huge number of apps that dropped out of the list, so maybe next time, I’d do a top 10 rather than top 5 because I had to squish all my ideas. There are some apps that are just like the minigames in Zelda, which is cool but isn’t related (sadly).

    Are you excited for the Zelda: A link Between Worlds? It really fits the mood of Zelda Month, as you prepare yourself the whole month to be so excited at the end with the release of the new Zelda.
Just a quick note on the smartwatches, like I have mentioned before, there seems to be a lot of friction between the two. This article from WonderHowTo gives plus points to the Gear, although I hate to admit that.

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