Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September Smartphone

September smartphone

  “What should I get this month? Which smartphone is the best?” This month is always with technology every year. But with smartphones, there are quite a good bunch of cutting-edge phones release this month. For this comparison, it’s best to limit the smartphones to the ones released in September only, since the cutting edge phones are this month anyway, most of them at least (e.g. galaxy S4).

  So basically from the cutting edge ones, we are narrowed down to LG’s Optimus G2, Sony’s Xperia Z1, and Apple’s iPhone 5S. Are there really significant changes than the previous ones?

 Let’s start with what is viral, the iPhone 5S. Apple phones were initially expensive only because they are Apple, right? Well, this time, instead of being two steps behind, now they are almost one step behind. Progress! Still a dual-core 1.7GHz but the processor is the only 64-bit on a smartphone. Isn’t 64-bit worth not having a quad-core processor? Well if there are apps in the future that require 64-bit, then maybe.

  As for the Xperia Z1, its processor clocks at 2.2GHz with its quad core processor. It is a waterproof phone and its screen is even IP58 certified, meaning a good thing and a bad thing. Pros are that it is waterproof, and will be worth its value. Cons are that its battery cannot be removed. But then again, the iPhone always has that when it isn’t even waterproof.

(On a side note, Z1 please be bullet proof!)
   The best processor comes with the LG Optimus G2 though, with a massive quad-core 2.26GHz. It may not be a huge difference than the Xperia Z1 especially that the Z1 is something you can take with while fighting a bear on the mountains, but the number is still higher. Ofcourse, processors aren’t all there is to compare. But all the specs are too much to compare to! So how about a simplified comparison?
(green = best
 red = poorest) 

  This is just a quick comparison, and since iOS7 supports the new 64-bit processors, then it wins in terms of OS. After all this, it comes down to preferences, favourite OS, customer loyalty, and price. The differences in OS and processor won’t seem noticeable for between the two androids, but LG wins non-the-less. However, apart from those, it seems the Xperia Z1 is off the charts. It really can be considered a generation before this generation. The G2 seems to be a reply to Samsung’s galaxy S4, and the iPhone is working just like the Lumia between the androids, while the Xperia Z1 is impressive. I am not being biased, and some people do like the iPhone for its signature shape and OS, but personally I am getting the Xperia Z1 this year or before the next summer. I don't mind weight.
This makes sense. Don't forget to take a selfie!

  Honestly I was thinking of the G2 being a huge LG fan, but this Xperia made me change my mind. The only thing I hate about it is not being able to open the battery (it feels like a compulsory tradition), and also people keep telling me I should buy a “revolutionary” phone that can be identified as expensive right away. I reply, “I have a 64-bit computer at home and I don’t like iOS.” I think that we should not look at brands but at hardware, and whatever people say, I will get what I want to get. And so should you, contradicting reader and/or apple fan reading this, don’t let anything break your fandom if it means saying bad things about any phone.
you can't hold the Xperia Z1 in this case though

  Actually, I am trying to make an application on android, but so far there is nothing I can show you since I haven’t even reached the beta stage. Especially that I need to finish my texture pack update, which is almost up. That’s all on my opinion on this smartphone frenzy age. Play More Zelda!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Animal Crossing New Leaf Review No Spoilers

Animal Crossing Review No Spoilers
  I've discovered the most perfect way to know if an animal crossing game is worth getting or not. It's actually a little story of how I got to know the animal crossing series. When I got AC:WW which i was eager for, it had its own feeling and mood around it. It was magic? No, it was because of how Bunnie and Daisy sing the town tune. I got the game during Acorn Week, but the acorn week didn't start until I finished my job at Tom Nook. That is what really made me love the series.

  City Folk was extremely disappointing though, being almost a port of Wild World on the Nintendo Wii, and the Animalese has lost its touch and had a rolling tongue accent. To me, nothing can top Wild World, even when I had to migrate towns and the museum turned to "so-and-so".

  New Leaf, the latest one which I've been playing since release date, has so much new features and better graphics. It has DLCs, many new items and categories, but for the review I decided to focus on a rather unusual story, rather than listing the new items and spoiling the point of discovery.

  I opened the game after a long time of not playing it. If a game is worth getting then you'd know from this. Wild World felt nostalgic and I got addicted to it again. City Folk failed to draw me in. But with New Leaf, you get punishment for being missed! Nature punishes you like in all AC games, but you get work to do, to help you dive into the game again. The work even has a timer, and I probably took too much time. Watch with the images:
Raining, and gardening has never felt so free

bed hair

Like in City Folk, you can change view

not to spoil anything, but this timer is for SOMETHING when you don't open the game for a while. No, it's not "find the Resetti before he finds you" game.

Sneezing because I forgot my umbrella inside a letter attachment

The worst thing about this game is taking pictures. because 99.9999999% of them, your eyes will be closed

Exclusive, creative furniture

My noisy and messy HRA-point-stacking room

By the way, in every Animal Crossing game, I collect the gongoids

Green minimalist clock up there

I chose random and..

I don't want this one


i was right

 after raining

I am the coolest, and my eyes are closed again

Muahahahaha! How does it feel, old friend, to be so short and powerless?

Best friends understand each other by the look, but she is taller than me

a failed attempt to get a conversation right

my sign saying that Pikachus are dangerous and so is Redd

Why do I need to buy a twig? can't I just shake off a tree?

My eye was closed in the last one, but now I am somersaulting

I rented an exhibit in the museum for...


bug hunting returns in its full glory

Did you enjoy a "picture review"? Since Animal Crossing is a life simulation game, I decided it would be best to leave you review it before playing it, with as minimal spoilers as possible. For new-timers to the series but not the genre, Animal Crossing is nothing like Sims games, and I hope these pictures have proved it. Play More Zelda!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Panasonic IFA 2013 Digest

Panasonic IFA 2013 Digest

  There is definitely too much to look at in Berlin, but what is highlighted from Panasonic?

  The first thing you should look at is the first 4K TV. Each company seems to be having its own 4K product lines. This TV comes with HDMI 2.0 and ofcourse it is 65” or else there is no point in high quality in a small screen.
  That is exactly why the Panasonic 4K Microsoft tablet is a 20”, with Intel processor and Nvidia graphics. It also comes with a stylus, and I am assuming it will be expensive enough. However, I am glad that someone realized that tablets are not meant to be small. 20” is quite a treasure to keep at home, unlike other smaller tablets which we keep at home anyway.

  There is also an OLED 4K TV, which we don’t have much information about, but it sure does seem fantastic. They did state that it is way too expensive to be produced commercially and that is why Panasonic wants to be the first in getting that to the market. I think it will still be expensive.
OLED is fascinating on its own, without 4K

Before getting to the new TV features, let’s talk about gaming. They displayed Final Fantasy 14 (PC version) on a 4K TV in Berlin. What is really astonishing is the fact that FF14 is an online game, and as you know, the weaker your internet, the worse the performance of the game. Ofcourse, for a disc based game, you get all of your graphics and controls from the disc, but the enemy movements as well as yours are not happening if it isn’t stored in the server. On a side note, I do not know the name of the tree boss which looked like a Kirby boss, and I am curious to know what it is called.

  They think that this will work on Xbox One and PS4 and PC, but everybody seems to be shunning the Wii U. Oh well.

  Then we come to the internet TV functions. They had their own homescreen which still views the TV while showing you the quick-access buttons like your favourite channels and internet browsing. This is not just for 4K. But the best feature is below.

   The best thing I ever saw in this IFA was the new remote control. It is amazing! It has a touch pad, microphone (for the voice searching) and looks sci-fi. If I recall correctly it was for the W2 TV.
So cool! I just want the remote, because I rarely watch TV

   Don’t have the sci-fi remote in the box? Don’t worry. There is still a free Android and iPhone application for other Panasonic TVs with internet functions. I think this is more awesome than the Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver dowsing machine, which does look sci-fi in a cool way.
Pokemon HG/SS dowsing machine. I enjoyed Black and White dowsing for items with and old-fashioned dowsing technique more.

  I don’t really get it but Panasonic had lamps? Never mind. The 4K is also supported in blu-ray, so I think the PS4 would be most suitable than the Xbox One generally (in reply to all of the console rivalry, although I like Wii U for its quality GAMES not quality graphics). That’s all for now, and IFA is ending, while I still did not write on Samsung! Expect something this weekend not now. Play More Zelda!

(P.S. Boo to Capcom for the Monster Hunter game with Link on it)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sony IFA 2013 Digest

Sony IFA 2013 Digest

  Sony had put on a good slideshow about its cameras, as the entire IFA was too. Today, this article is just about Sony, and other presentations are tomorrow. But this won’t be mere listed facts, because not all technology of the future is good.

“Ladies and gentlemen this is the much anticipated Xperia Z1”
  We all want to talk about the smartphone first, so what do we think about the Xperia Z1? I cannot wait for launch to see the full specifications, but it surely is a cutting-edge phone with a whopping 20.7MP camera, is completely waterproof and has a cool-looking metal frame. It has a good processor although I can’t wait to hear exactly what it is.

  They even mentioned some of the online services and software which make people excited about (I usually choose my phones for the hardware) that Samsung used to climb its way up. The best one I saw from Sony is the Info-eye. It is better than Siri; a camera that searches the encyclopedia for you. If its database is well-nourished, which it seems to be from the presentation, and then it’ll become an amazing software.
the opposite of a self shot and he looks proud

  The Xperia Z1 comes with extended battery and water-proofing, as well as AR. I think this will make it some immortal phone, but first the full specifications have not been mentioned yet despite launching is this month.

  One of the best features on the Xperia is the many Images taken even before you click the button (if you don’t understand it see how Xbox One will record the previous five minutes before you asked it to record. The Camera for the Xperia is always taking images but will show you the few before you pressed the button) which is a really great idea for the phone as I’ve always failed to get a cool picture for pranking because by the time the camera loads and I press the person has already became aware. Seriously If this phone has a quad-core 1.5GHz or above processor I will buy it.

  They even presented us with some sort of terrific hardware that is two additional lenses that can be added to any smartphone, not just the Xperia series. The attachable lens to any smartphone camera called the QX10 and the QX100 which also has Wi-Fi and one-touch (Sony connection service). For the lens to have Wi-Fi, it is clear that Sony does want us to post everything second by second, which I don’t like, and below is why.

  Quickly ending this issue, the worst of Sony on the Xperia Z1 is their online live posting to all social networks and the cloud storage of pictures of all devices. Maybe the cloud storage is beneficial, but posting everything online live is not the thing for all of us. Even in the world of speed, many of us have not mastered the art of instantly making yourself look picture-perfect in a split second. I always think twice for what pictures I post on the internet. I dislike the Google Plus smartphone app for the same reason: it stalks your camera. Some people are living in a house of glass, but I am not fond of putting my life entirely on the internet. And I don’t like this movement of technology.

  But the smartphone wasn’t everything. If you want to scale from something similar to the smartphone, they were talking about the Walkman, an MP3-like device. It had good audio quality, but that some new hybrid has totally covered it:

  Yes, the Vaio laptop / tablet. It is called the Vaio Tap 11, and is really slim (slimmer than a Macbook) has a magnetic attachable stand and keyboard. No information revealed about launch or specifications, but you do know it will have their own processor Exynos and that it is portable (that’s actually hard to ignore).

  What surprises me most after those two (the Xperia and the Tap 11) is the projector for TV. Never heard of that before, and we only used projectors for laptops. It is even HD and can get a huge size. They had a TV to talk about that was 65”, but this 4K TV projector is actually bigger than that.

  Going back to the one-touch, it seems that by the end of 2013, “more than 100 devices” will support one-touch. I like connecting all of the devices together, although I hope they can let you completely disable the live posting app.
i also want this

  And saving the best for last, the Sci-Fi wearable technology! Who will win this? What is Sony’s plan? Alright so this time it is a bracelet, wristwatch, whatever you may call it for now. Sadly we don’t get too much information, however we do know, that with one-touch, and the video cameras, you will be able to playback the video on the watch to see how the shaking automatically got removed before posting it. We also know one thing for sure: the wrist-accessory has a GPS and Wi-Fi, will connect to social networking and Sony services. Also this could mean that One-touch will also have everything related to a GPS when uploading images and videos.
at the end, did they have a little too much to present? let us know your opinion in the comments below

  TVs come with 7.1 surround sound, and a video camera that I personally want to get. It makes me not regret having Sony products in my house. Well, that’s all for now, and tomorrow I will keep you updated on what I think should be highlighted (or almost everything) of the Samsung and HTC presentations, respectively. Play More Zelda!