About us

I write alone now, but these are the sponsors of the blog. Don't ask what they did for help though, because they did a lot. They still help me with the promotion and other HTML problems.

AmyMina97: She is from youtube, and she helped the blog reach the way it is now. Her personal blog is here but she cut it off for a little while.

Linky624: He is from youtube, and he helped in the very beginning stone age of the blog. He has a blog too but it isn't his main thing although he might post now and then.

Superred Vulpix: The only admin in this blog. I write most of the articles here, and I made the stuff under the name "Bluecomet Team" like the texture pack and the game. I started the website.

If you want to be affiliate (as in links and article/picture share) or a sister site, comment on blog.

Sister sites: AmyMina's Blog

Also, something very important: we do not have any links on the articles that direct to spam. All our uploaded files are free and on MediaFire.

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