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Zelda Rumours: Wind Waker HD, & Time Paradox

Wind Waker HD, & Time Paradox
There is a little speculation and worry over the timeline of Zelda, and the Wink Waker HD remake will, and definitely will, clear any doubts and create a better conclusion.

Apparently the HD remake isn't just a copy paste. Nintendo intends to fix any gameplay-lacking portions from the previous game, not only listen to discussions. That is why, although the game seems almost complete, the game will still launch a little late. Even if this isn't because they will do requests, it is because they might want to remove any error and make Toon Link an iconic part of the series.
But here comes the part that I have been excitedly waiting for. According to this video, particularly minute 3:44, there are two weird "easter eggs" in the Wind Waker that refer to Majora's Mask. However they are no mere easter eggs nor are they mistakes in the timeline, but the remake will tell the truth.
As you see before, there can be changes in Zelda games during remakes. Skull Kid being the perfect example was remodeled due to the "black" issue (seriously why would Zelda be racist anyway) and now that the timeline was revealed it could be obvious that mistakes exist (many games can be confusing on their own) and for that matter, remakes will remove any problems and doubts. That is why it is possible to know the truth when Wind Waker is released.
The rumour, which I found out, is that the timelines are not entirely separated, unless Nintendo really made a "mistake" in the timeline. Both Wind Waker and Majora's Mask branch off from "when the world doesn't fall to the demons" although this means that different events happened. In Wind Waker's case, people acknowledged that there was a hero, and they know that Ganondorf exsisted. But as for Majora's Mask, its story is that Ganondorf never exsisted in the first place.

But that is not true. And whenever there is time travel, there  has to be a paradox effect, and a time loop. If you are new to the concept, paradox effect in terms of time manipulation refers to the exsistence of objects that should not exist in the timeline. Such thing are, for example, coexsistence of the same person in different timelines with the same memory in both (memory of one timeline not the other), prescence of "misplaced" objects. Time loop is well experienced in Majora's Mask, and this is because the "Child Era" is due to a paradox from the beginning.
When one asks, "How does saving the future help to save the past?" By time travel, it is entirely possible, but messing with time would create errors in the timeline. According to my previous post and the timeline, this would suggest that all the paradox effects would only appear in Majora's Mask and later down the child timeline because Link is a paradox in itself. This is because Link has memories of being a hero and saving the world, while they did not happen in his timeline, so this isn't the same Link that should be. Where is the Link that never met Navi at that time? The Kokiri children do not remember Link being missing, so this means that The first Link (before the OoT started) was "deleted" and replaced (much like Saria's Ocarina) by this new Link in order to prevent even more disruptions in the time plane.
If you think this only means that the child era would be the only timeline that has paradoxes, it is wrong. While one can assume that every ending of Ocarina Of Time is a paradox ending, the truth lies in either the adult era, or when Ganondorf wins. So when assuming that Ganondorf was sealed in the dark realm, a realm without any time quakes, wouldn't it be possible that a demon can switch between timelines? It would be important to note that the Wind Waker happens centuries after Ocarina Of Time, while Majora's Mask does not.
 This could mean, that the sealed Ganondorf borrowed someone's sword. Ghirahim is the sword spirit of Ganondorf, and it is speculated that the Kokiri sword is Ghirahim. So when Link powers up the sword in Majora's Mask, what happens after the time loop? the Kokiri sword in the non-exsistent Termina could be, with the power of Majora, banished into another dimension. This gives rise to two possibilities:
  • Either Ganondorf quietly picks up the sword from the real world long after Link finishes the events of MM game, which then he travels back to the adult timeline
  • Or Majora sent the sword to Ganondorf inside the dark realm, as a kind of mocking for Ghirahim and Ganondorf that they have the same ending, and due to the paradoxes of the MM time loop, Link doesn't notice that there are two Kokiri swords. Here Ganondorf goes back to the Wind Waker without any time travelling as simply as we all know.
the difference in aura supports my idea
the master sword clashes with the demon blade, same incarnation cycle for the spirits

Ghirahim is obviously grateful for the blacksmith, so he displays his name for helping him get a step stronger to become the Ghirahim that we all know (maybe he intends to appear again, obviously). That's one mystery solved. I would vote for the second option because Ghirahim and Majora can both be considered demons so they can both end up in the dark realm (third option).

 another paradox. Image here
However with the information above, if the Wind Waker HD has Puppet Ganon with the sword engraved with the same Hylian words, then all what I said above is true. If not, it was a mistake in the timeline and they have fixed the issue. Stay tuned for more! Play More Zelda!
(P.S. sorry for lack of updates, I will make up for it in summer definitely)

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