Thursday, April 17, 2014

7 Methods for Speeding up your Android

7 Methods for Speeding up your Android
 manually stopping apps is the most long term boost, but not for phones with malware.

    Ever reach the stage of droid rage? Well, I haven’t yet because I’ve been fixing the smaller issues before they fully clog up your phone and you’ll no longer be able to use it at all. Here are a bunch of tips and tricks that I have personally used in the past or am still using/experimenting with them currently.

1- App Cache Cleaner
give it its time, no matter how slow it is for scanning

This application clears around 45-56 MB of cache every time for me. That actually has a noticeable effect on performance. The application is free, but sometimes doesn’t clear all the cache it detects, still, it helped me notice when to force close applications, and which applications are really that suspicious. All in all, it helped me decide on which applications to uninstall, although you should not find yourself using it daily. If you are, then there is a tedious application that you might have to delete.

2- Restart weekly
don;t use this. The point is to surprise your phone and all the suspicious open software. If your phone has a non-removable battery, keep holding the power button until it force closes.

Nobody ever tells you this. Nevertheless, you must restart weekly even if it still isn’t that slow. By restart, I don’t mean close the phone from the button, but rather you should remove the battery and leave the phone to cool for ten minutes. Temperature affects any device, but cooling without a battery is good for it. Actually, the startup may not be that significantly faster, but the performance of apps, and navigation through GUI has boosted a lot, maybe even lasting 3 days after the week before beginning to lag. This is a must-do.

3- Mobo Live RAM Booster

This won’t work unless you use it correctly. Mobo Live is, to be honest, a home application that might spy on you, although this is my guess, but it’s smoother and faster. However, manually closing apps from the settings takes too long, and may even temporarily slow the phone, so it’s not a convenient method to use in the street when in a hurry. The RAM booster, on the other hand, works well. But here’s the trick: use it as the last thing before you lock your phone. Even if you lock it for 2 seconds (but don’t do that), that is the only time when clicking it will be effective. Must I emphasize on this more? The RAM booster doesn’t fully exit the apps, it just makes them restart. That is why, if you open any application while it is sending you the message of “340 MB cleared”, startup will be slow, but navigation won’t be. On the plus side: 
Only effectively works once per hour

  • Using it in the first days after restarting leaves a lot of free RAM, so you can effectively open all the “heavy” apps simultaneously with ease.

  • When it’s almost time for your weekly restart, you will find that the RAM is always in the 84% and above, and will not be cleared by more than 2%. This will be a reminder to you.

4- Using a computer or Instagram for social media sites

Now, I’m not asking you to throw away all the applications, but social apps tend to take 40-50MB of RAM alone, and what  is worse is that they open themselves by themselves whenever you open Wifi, so which means that the moment you toggle Wifi/Cellular on, you should leave the phone for 5-7 minutes untouched. This is for all phones, and not just android. The startup of these applications in this way renders the web browser useless because you can’t even load . Luckily, G+ and Google Now can be closed, or even disabled until your next reboot. Hangouts can be disabled too, and Email will not open itself all the time if you don’t sign in. Other applications, though, are a hassle, like Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. Now I’m not telling you to uninstall them, but rather, limit your use to them. Viber is blocked in some countries, and if only one of your friends have Tango, tell them about Telegram. Telegram uses less RAM and usually all the smartphones that support Tango instead of Whatsapp and Line will support Telegram. All you BBM contacts are on your Whatsapp anyway? Uninstall. Like and application so much that you want to persuade your friends to use it? Uninstall its similar alternative so they find you on the app you want. Haven’t used Vine in a month? Uninstall.
telegram is literally like Whatsapp a lot, but is faster

  I’m not saying this because Whatsapp is a good application; it takes more RAM than most of them. But social media is all about having people you know on the network. There are higher chances that you’ll find everyone you know on Whatsapp than anywhere else. Especially Skype, Twitter, Steam, Facebook, since they have fully functional computer alternatives. One good tip is to use Instagram, since it send both to Twitter and Facebook, and is better than Snapchat and Vine combined, so you can post to Facebook and Twitter while saving 110MB (more than 10% of most 2013 phones’ RAM)

5- Auto sync and Notifications Off
I usually need Facebook for the chat, that's why refresh interval is one hour, however the rest of the highlighted is very important

  It saves your battery, and also your internet. It also saves me a lot of valuable time between entering the Wifi range, and actually being able to use the phone, as auto-sync encourages wifi-based applications to open themselves by themselves. I hate that.

  One more thing is to turn off the notifications of individual applications, such as Twitter, Messenger, and Facebook. It will save you from the 7:00-7:01PM minute of doom when the phone suddenly decides to check the Play Store for updates. When these apps are running too, the phone is considerably sluggish.

6- Brightness and heat

Birghtness affects heat, and heat affects performance. This is a long known fact. Don’t use the phone for extended periods on heavy applications without sitting in a cold room because that will make it slow. By extended periods I mean two hours without locking the phone. This is important, as I explained above the significance of locking your phone. Crucial for phones with 512 MB RAM

7- Uninstall and reboot
don't uninstall system services, but if you did, they'll come back once you restart. However, stopping them is fine

Whenever you uninstall 2-3 applications, uninstall them together at once, then restart your phone. This really helps to reduce the lag, and the reason is still unknown to me as I am still experimenting on this method, although the original lag due to uninstalling/installing apps only seems to be a temporary problem (4 hours of struggling after uninstalling if you do not follow this method). Very effective for phones with 512 MB RAM

There are more tips, but maybe I’ll list them later, because I am not sure if they are effective. One method is to open the application and leave it to load then close it then lock then open again. Like I said, since I am still experimenting, I can’t really share results. In the meantime, the results I’d like to share is that this article got a lot of attention, and I love to see that. Maybe I’ll include more articles of that caliber. Click here for top 5 android apps related to Zelda, and here to go to the Downloads page. Play More Zelda!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools 2014

April Fools 2014

I'm not a fan of April Fools. But this year there are some fun stuff to do.

  First is Google Maps, and their quest to find all 150 pokemon. Obviously, there are more than the 150, considering that the real world is very vast, but you can only catch up to 150, on Android and iOS latest Maps application from Google. Even thought my LG P880 was 4.1.2, the latest update wasn't actually the latest thus it didn't work. It worked on the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 and iPhone 4S.

  Simply click the search bar, and the blue pokemon icon with "press start" should be there without pressing anything. Once you start your journey, you have to click on the pokemon then click on capture. Pokemon can be found at the same locations for every user, with grass pokemon in green areas, some water pokemon in rivers, etc. I mainly check the cities, and I found a Raichu northwest of London, in case anyone was wondering. I am looking for a Joltik and a Scyther. Here's a few of my finds:

   But Minecraft this year decided to do more than just horrible weather. First, every skin is a villager. Second, all sound effects and even music has been changed to add this weird person's voice. I even twitched about it, but I won't save all the twitches. Check my twitch profile for all the broadcasts

Watch live video from BluecometZola on TwitchTV

  Well, at least it's better than last year's. Play More Zelda!