Friday, March 14, 2014

My calculator on TWITCH

Hello! Did you people notice how lazy I am? Well, today I got something different:

Watch live video from BluecometZola on TwitchTV

That's right! A twitch broadcast! That is such a cool idea for Minecraft! Except that the Internet is terrible. So I finally got a video that is passable, but my voice!!!! I tried to put music but it's too loud to explain anything. So you have to bear with my voice to explain the "calculator" .
If it gets 10,000 views, I will make it multiply up to 225. This is an old calculator that I never really cared about until I was talking about it to my school friends and then they said that it is an important achievement in life. Overpraise would describe this situation most, but being the show off I am, I decided to post it anyway. Notice how these paragraphs have no planning. I am merely writing what I am thinking. Sorry because I have no time to write a proper article. I wanted to talk about Nintendo shutting servers down, then the Pokemon Bank, and then how Titanfall is getting so much media attention, and then I wanted to talk about the Wool Blocks (Luckily, I kept their old default texture in this video, as I wanted to keep the suspense). Maybe after the next week I'll have time. Until then, Play More Zelda!
P.S. Dear school friends: now it's your turn to make a vine video.

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