Monday, June 9, 2014

Watch E3 now

It's E3! I can't wait to watch everything and talk about it. I was watching the stream of EA from their own twitch, but you go ahead and watch all the E3 twitch streams from one video channel.

Watch live video from Twitch on

I was watching EA and they were talking about battlefield. They had a #BFhardline (not sure) hashtag going on. They said you can download the beta? They had a rooftop and people playing under the sun. They announced Dawngate after that, a PC MMORPG such as aria games style and bastion artsyle. Just like the ones that anime uses. 

Everything looks nice so far. I find it weird that they will enter the online games market, because it's really different than shooters, sports games, and everything else they've done so far. These games don;t focus on quality but tend to have trumendos amounts of mesh to take up you PC usage anyway, which makes them bland. If it had 1st person view then I'd understand the seemingly useless attempts in quality, but I am very excited to see what will they do.

Real Life

 BF on PS4

I don't have much time to talk about the whole E3, but I might soon. Keep Playing Zelda

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