Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Minecraft Life Story, HM update

Minecraft Life Story, HM update
Today I was playing a little at the public servers (I am BluecometZola in case you know me) and I found that minecraft single player is a lot more fun. It would be nice if there was some freestyle survival in servers.
you don't see redstone lamps everyday
Then I found some friends. It was fun. I first met AyjayxD or but we got separated from all the stupid portals (seriously stop it server owners) and when I finally found a normal server there were these PvP people who kicked everybody out whenever they are not AFK so it was also boring. Then I finally found an ALIVE server. Sure it wasn't survival but it didn't have all the annoying portals, and it had a lot of people and it was mainly some preparations for fighting and stuff. The main fun part was that I met a cowman. I mean like a human with that skin of a cow wearing a suit. I also found a really good server full of matches. This server's IP is and it was a little fun. It had many Call Of Duty maps, so I was feeling some coolness. Take a look at my new friend:
 that is a "normal" skin?

he has diamond armour!

oh 3D tag
After that, when I was scrolling through the other harvest moon texture packs that exsist, I realized I made a grave mistake with mine. Many others, like me and this cool guy, think of Harvest Moon as a super cute thing and in order to make it a Minecraft texture pack everyone adds his own level of detail the way he sees Harvest Moon. But if you see this guy's texture pack, he focused on only one title of HM and exactly perfected his work. I would really wish if he would continue the updates. This guy seems to have done both the packs I was working on too, but the wood is much better. Seriously download the one I enjoyed the most here (second guy) and check the first video of his playlist.

So this got me to a conclusion to ask you, the downloaders of the pack (I got over 20 downloads!! Thanks everyone!), if you would like it or hate it if I change the pack a little.
I already mentioned I was going to use the Islands of Happiness/Sunshine Islands (I own both) in many different things, like the GUI (still not finished) and the ores, for example. Then what else should I do? What about the Zombie N64 reference? should I remove it? Should I make the horses a little more realistic, or leave them as ugly as in the HMIoH? (Yes I did not like the horse)
his ore

my ore
Also a super important thing:

 floor! sand!

different floor?

That's right. There is too much floor textures in HM that resemble the same block in MC. So I should be doing some major changes. Here I will post a poll (PC users sidebar, mobile users comment) about which block of wood should be changed to this floor texture?
 tiles. and still the wooden house, crops, and hay
Or should it not change at all? I also am open for suggestions and I would like some help in many other blocks: sand, clay, grass (I think grass is good), dirt (dirt should be a path or gravel?) and dirt again (should it look like untilled land in farm space or a path or a grass-less empty place or the original feel) Please reply soon because this 1.5.2 texture pack changing is very tiring!
Also here is a secret: before I even began this blog I had a Zelda OoT texture pack in the works and also a Majora's Mask adventure map (Outside clock town would make a great parkour map, but getting the scale of the crowded clock town right was hard) But I won't show you anything yet because it is still in the very early stages. Last thing: Try to guess what is my skin again! Play More Zelda!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Zelda Rumours: Wind Waker HD, & Time Paradox

Wind Waker HD, & Time Paradox
There is a little speculation and worry over the timeline of Zelda, and the Wink Waker HD remake will, and definitely will, clear any doubts and create a better conclusion.

Apparently the HD remake isn't just a copy paste. Nintendo intends to fix any gameplay-lacking portions from the previous game, not only listen to discussions. That is why, although the game seems almost complete, the game will still launch a little late. Even if this isn't because they will do requests, it is because they might want to remove any error and make Toon Link an iconic part of the series.
But here comes the part that I have been excitedly waiting for. According to this video, particularly minute 3:44, there are two weird "easter eggs" in the Wind Waker that refer to Majora's Mask. However they are no mere easter eggs nor are they mistakes in the timeline, but the remake will tell the truth.
As you see before, there can be changes in Zelda games during remakes. Skull Kid being the perfect example was remodeled due to the "black" issue (seriously why would Zelda be racist anyway) and now that the timeline was revealed it could be obvious that mistakes exist (many games can be confusing on their own) and for that matter, remakes will remove any problems and doubts. That is why it is possible to know the truth when Wind Waker is released.
The rumour, which I found out, is that the timelines are not entirely separated, unless Nintendo really made a "mistake" in the timeline. Both Wind Waker and Majora's Mask branch off from "when the world doesn't fall to the demons" although this means that different events happened. In Wind Waker's case, people acknowledged that there was a hero, and they know that Ganondorf exsisted. But as for Majora's Mask, its story is that Ganondorf never exsisted in the first place.

But that is not true. And whenever there is time travel, there  has to be a paradox effect, and a time loop. If you are new to the concept, paradox effect in terms of time manipulation refers to the exsistence of objects that should not exist in the timeline. Such thing are, for example, coexsistence of the same person in different timelines with the same memory in both (memory of one timeline not the other), prescence of "misplaced" objects. Time loop is well experienced in Majora's Mask, and this is because the "Child Era" is due to a paradox from the beginning.
When one asks, "How does saving the future help to save the past?" By time travel, it is entirely possible, but messing with time would create errors in the timeline. According to my previous post and the timeline, this would suggest that all the paradox effects would only appear in Majora's Mask and later down the child timeline because Link is a paradox in itself. This is because Link has memories of being a hero and saving the world, while they did not happen in his timeline, so this isn't the same Link that should be. Where is the Link that never met Navi at that time? The Kokiri children do not remember Link being missing, so this means that The first Link (before the OoT started) was "deleted" and replaced (much like Saria's Ocarina) by this new Link in order to prevent even more disruptions in the time plane.
If you think this only means that the child era would be the only timeline that has paradoxes, it is wrong. While one can assume that every ending of Ocarina Of Time is a paradox ending, the truth lies in either the adult era, or when Ganondorf wins. So when assuming that Ganondorf was sealed in the dark realm, a realm without any time quakes, wouldn't it be possible that a demon can switch between timelines? It would be important to note that the Wind Waker happens centuries after Ocarina Of Time, while Majora's Mask does not.
 This could mean, that the sealed Ganondorf borrowed someone's sword. Ghirahim is the sword spirit of Ganondorf, and it is speculated that the Kokiri sword is Ghirahim. So when Link powers up the sword in Majora's Mask, what happens after the time loop? the Kokiri sword in the non-exsistent Termina could be, with the power of Majora, banished into another dimension. This gives rise to two possibilities:
  • Either Ganondorf quietly picks up the sword from the real world long after Link finishes the events of MM game, which then he travels back to the adult timeline
  • Or Majora sent the sword to Ganondorf inside the dark realm, as a kind of mocking for Ghirahim and Ganondorf that they have the same ending, and due to the paradoxes of the MM time loop, Link doesn't notice that there are two Kokiri swords. Here Ganondorf goes back to the Wind Waker without any time travelling as simply as we all know.
the difference in aura supports my idea
the master sword clashes with the demon blade, same incarnation cycle for the spirits

Ghirahim is obviously grateful for the blacksmith, so he displays his name for helping him get a step stronger to become the Ghirahim that we all know (maybe he intends to appear again, obviously). That's one mystery solved. I would vote for the second option because Ghirahim and Majora can both be considered demons so they can both end up in the dark realm (third option).

 another paradox. Image here
However with the information above, if the Wind Waker HD has Puppet Ganon with the sword engraved with the same Hylian words, then all what I said above is true. If not, it was a mistake in the timeline and they have fixed the issue. Stay tuned for more! Play More Zelda!
(P.S. sorry for lack of updates, I will make up for it in summer definitely)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nintendo Direct 5.17.2013 US & EU

Nintendo Direct Review US & EU

Is everyone excited like me????!!!! Even though this Nintendo direct didn't really show new games, but games we already saw, that's because, the new games are suppose to be until E3.
Lets get started! (first with the awesome news =D)

The Legend Of Zelda Oracle Of Ages And Season!
The Legend Of Zelda Oracle Of Ages And Season Comes To Nintendo Eshop in the US May 30th.
Each is $5.99, but because they love their Zelda fans :D, they will make, at a limited amount of time each will be $4.99, which then you can purchase both for less than $10. It will be on sale for three weeks after it launches. (3DS) (US)

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

The Game Setting is in sochi, Russia.It contains a lot of  sweet mini games like,
  • Curling
  • Skiing
  • Figure Skating Pairs
  • Snow Board Slope Style
The game launches in 2014, also you can play some mini games on the Wii U GamePad  and some with the Wii remote. Those are the mini games that are announced for now, but stay tuned for more news about the game at a later date! 

Sonic Lost World

Up until now, all we know is, Nintendo Partnered With SEGA To Make A Brand New Sonic Game For Wii U & Nintendo 3DS. Stay tuned for more news in the future. (US)

Game & Wario
The game launches in the US June 23rd on the Wii U Nintendo Eshop for $39.99 & for EU It Launches June 28th. The game has a lot of cool mini games (15 mini games) , but only 3 were confirmed which are listed below:

  • Island: You control Fronks, the game is up to five players, you apparently have your franks on an island, and when its a turn for someone, he/she tries to knock of your franks, by flicking his/her finger on the Wii U Gamepad the opposite direction of the TV So then when he/she Releases, It goes into the TV And tries to knock out one of your franks!

  • Patchwork: A puzzle game that challenges you as you try to put puzzle pieces onto each other, you use the Wii U Gamepad to move the puzzle pieces as you look at your TV screen on where you are putting it. You can challenge your friends if you do a hard puzzle you can challenge your friend on if he/she could do it! Mind Blowing >:)

  • Kung-Fu!: In my opinion, I LOVE THIS MINI GAME! It is that you control Young Cricket (his name) Go through levels, The game goes like, he moves endlessly, but you have to help him dodge the obstacle that come toward him. Sounds easy huh? Well! You use the TV Screen To Look in front of him, BUT UH! WATCH OUT, you look at the GamePad to look for a Vertical view of what hes landing on! So be careful, it doesn't sound as easy as it looks

Wonderful 101
In my opinion, this game is just out of...never mind. This game launches in the US September 15th.
And for EU In August 23rd.

Pikmin 3
This game, is one of the coolest games that was announced  at Nintendo Direct. This game has a lot to explain. They even took the last 10 minutes on this game from the Nintendo Direct.Anyways enough blabbering  and get started!
First, three new characters, 
  • Alph
  • Brittany
  • Charlie
In planet Koppai, after they crashed, each of the characters find Pikmin, and make their way to the spaceship that they crashed in. You can play this game entirely on the Wii U Gamepad, or use the Wii remote and nunchuck and then  use the Wii U Gamepad As A Map. The Wii U Gamepad in the game is known as the Kopad. Also as there are different adventures, you can split up the characters to explore different areas, then grasp back to another player by sliding your finger over the map on the Wii U Gamepad. There is no time limit, but if there is not enough food for the players, they will return to their planet..or something. And you can only explore from Sunrise-Sunset. Which is pretty cool, as long as there is no time limit, that's amazing :D. The game launches in the US August 4th, and in EU July 26th

New Super Luigi U
This is a DLC For New Super Mario Brothers U. Launches in the US June 20 For $19.99 in the Nintendo Wii U Eshop. This game contains 82 updated courses. This DLC Contains a new playable character in multiplayer mode. As you saw, when you play in New Super Mario Brothers U, there is usually a character called Nabbit. Which sells items for Mario, but you have to chase him in levels? This Nabbit character will be a playable character in New Super Luigi U.
Although, Nabbit doesn't take items, but he also doesn't take damage from enemies! So you can use him if you want to get star coins that are hard to get...or go through Bowser and click the switch.. Yeah all sorta stuff ^-^ .
But because its the Year of Luigi, if you don't have New Super Mario Brothers U, you can purchase is as a stand alone in the US For $29.99 and it launches August 25th for US.
EU, The DLC Launches June 20th also, and the stand alone launches July 26th. Limited Time.

Resident Evil Revelations
This game originally launched on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2011-2012. Now this game launches on the Wii U BACK IN HD GRAPHICS WITH TOTALLY NEW CONTROL'S.
As you can play the game on the TV And use the Wii U Gamepad to switch items or unlocking a door, without interrupting the game screen on the TV! You can also play the entire game on the Wii U Gamepad in Off-TV Mode. Finally, you can play the game with the Wii U Classic Controller Pro. As it brings back the memories of the GameCube (to me). There is already a demo on the Nintendo Wii U Eshop. The game launches in the US May 21st. The game launches in the EU May 24th.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Tales Of Symphonia HD

There is a rumor that goes over the Internet that is saying that the very best selling popular GameCube game Tales Of Symphonia &  The Wii Tales of Symphonia: dawn of the new world, is going to be re released on the PS3 In HD. Which the original game launched in 2003 and it sold pretty good and stood in stores very good that time.
Namco Bandai has said that tales of Symphonia was the most popular JRPG that sold really good in the west.
The HD version is due to be revealed by Namco Bandai this Tales Festival, so keep a good hawk eye

Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekly Spotlight Games: PopCap

Let's play a PopCap game for this week xD. I know y'all will love it.

Plant Vs Zombies

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Legendary Pokemon!

New Legendary Pokemon!
For Western Black & White 2
A new "legendary" Pokemon for Pokemon White & Black 2! It will disappear by May 31st! So don't miss that very golden chance that you will never gold in your golden life!
 Deoxys: Level 100 & Is Nasty Plot, Recover, Dark Pulse and Psycho Boost. He also has attached to him Life Orb inside its Dusk Ball. Which is just amazing!
Note: If you don't have all badges, it wont obey you ! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekly Spotlight's Games: Nitrome's Cat Games

Today's weekly games are from Nitrome both cat games. Pssst! These games are amazing and fun plus very addicting! What you waiting for? Hop on your chair and start playing!

Fat Cat

Flash Cat

ENJOY! And don't forget to mark your reaction opinion, comment, subscribe, and share!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Animal Crossing New Leaf Info

Animal Crossing New Leaf Info
Characters Revealed For Western Version.
Finally We Are Very Close To Animal Crossing New Leaf Release! This Is Just Too Exciting!
Who's Also Excited? ♥ ♥ ♥  
So Finally Nintendo Released Some Information About Animal Crossing New Leaf Characters! 
And here are the details:
Isabelle, she will be giving you useful tips and she's a new character that has been introduced in the animal crossing series and the "Dog category" 
  • Isabelle: Meet Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Since you are now the mayor of your town, Isabelle will be your right-hand dog. She’ll give you lots of helpful advice on how to customize and personalize your town.
Didn't you realize he became fatter? xD And his suite changed FINALLY!

  • Tom Nook: All you Animal Crossing fans will know this raccoon well. Tom Nook is back but has a brand new business. He now runs a shop focusing exclusively on real estate. He’ll help you with all your home renovation needs, for a price of course. Save those Bells!

He's Still doing Music, But this time, He's the whole week in a club except Saturday which at night on Saturday he is doing the standard music thing that you get a song from him! 

  • K.K. Slider: K.K. Slider, everyone’s favorite musician, still plays the tunes every Saturday night in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. He also has a new gig as DJ K.K. spinning on stage at Club LOL every night except for Saturdays.

He is a totally new character introducing Mammoth category into the animal crossing series .
It owns its own gardening shop/center that sells flowers! 
  • Leif: Meet Leif from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Leif runs the new gardening center and knows his way around the flowers.

Welcome: Linky624

Welcome Linky624
We have a new admin! It is Linky624! Check out his blog too!
I will be unavailable to blog much the until the next month (EXAMS) so Amy Mina and Linky624 should post stuff.
Play More Zelda!