Friday, September 28, 2012

Smartphones: consoles or not?

Smartphones: consoles or not?

We all love smartphones. They access the internet and send SMS messages, what more do we want? Maps, books, file browsers and calculators, are all there in different sizes and shapes in the app store.

 But a few days ago at the Tokyo game show, TGS for short, they revealed 715 games to be made by next year. What has this got anything to do with smartphones, you say? 507 of these games were for smartphones! That is about 71%

 This isn’t good.
34 Titles were revealed for the 3DS, 5 for the Wii, 2 for the Wii U, and apparently the DS is considered dead this year. This is also terrible, but what is more terrible is the percentage of games coming for smartphones.

  Since when was a Smartphone a gaming console? I still remember the old days when I used to put a Game Boy and my Nokia 5200 in my handbag to go and have a walk with my parents. The fact that my mobile can take pictures and sends it to the laptop through Bluetooth made us so happy that we didn’t have to worry about our ever-diminishing battery of the old digital camera. Nor did we have to look for a shop that can make the film thing a real picture because most of the shops were closing. And now, less than a decade has past and they want to remove even the 3DS and PSP and PS Vita from the real purpose that they were made for: playing games!

 And as if Smartphones can play games that well! They lack everything a real video game has. They are for casual gamers, not us. They are Flash games that you play on the internet!! Not that all flash games are bad. I have enjoyed most of those that I play on the laptop. The Guardian 2 and Epic Battle Fantasy should be real Video Games. Some physics games are really enjoyable, even on Smartphone. Cut the rope, and BMX Moto, and such are great games. But they are just to make you wait for something in the car or bus, etc. They are not the hardcore games, and they don’t have experience. When RPG goes into a smartphone, it isn’t great either. It becomes like a Facebook game in order to make the best zoomed in graphics and still have elements of an RPG. That ends as a fail. Exceptions are low graphics emulated or Zelda-based games. Not all of them though, like that rip-off “Zanda” on iOS isn’t a game at all. Yet it won awards. So a Smartphone can play a truly epic game? Can we see a real Zelda game in the future?

  The answers are no. And even if they do happen, real gamers shouldn’t recognize a Smartphone as a gaming console. Not because of the touch screen (The DS is the best pocket console ever) but because of its style, and lack of physical buttons.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Zelda Rumors: true or not?

Are the rumors true?

Recently a few Zelda rumors have been spread. “It will be a Majora’s Mask remake” or “It will be a link to the past sequel” Well which can be true, and which cannot?

  By using some logic and the process of elimination, the options are narrowed down to a Link to the Past sequel. The reason is because there was already an Ocarina of Time. Both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask are made for the same console originally, the Nintendo 64. And for a big expert company like Nintendo, coding such emulation should take no more than 2 weeks. If they made a Nintendo 64 game, then they can make the other one without thinking or working on it. And if they say that Mr. Miyamoto is “working on a new Zelda game” which means it is an entirely new project. It’s so big that it has to be kept secret because it hasn’t finalized its shape or art style at all yet. I don’t think Nintendo wants a shock again like the show for 2000 about the Wind Waker.

  As for the marketing method, well there is no right or wrong way in business. It is not like 1+1=2 nor is it “if you add acid to a base you make salt and carbonates fizz etc” Every decision has odds and evens. People suggest it being a Majora’s Mask remake with a special 3DS XL. That would make sense but what is taking them so long? It would be a great bundle and make the 3DS XL look wonderful.

  But why not bring a new story on the table? Personally I am really excited if it is a new story. I don’t want to replay the same game over and over. I want a fresh idea, the graphics all new, the battle style all different, the plot all funny. Majora’s Mask is one creepy gloomy game. I sometimes feel that I am not playing a Zelda game at all. I want a new Zelda game because so far the 3ds didn’t have a proper Zelda game yet. It has Ocarina of time, Link’s Awakening, LoZ, which are all remakes: the same thing. Phantom Hourglass and Spirit tracks were great games on the DS, considering them being sequels, they did great as proper titles. 

Whether sequel or not, as long as the new game is not a Majora’s mask remake then it has potential to be the best game on the console. I really hope Nintendo makes a new Zelda game on the 3DS.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Furnace

New Furnace
After playing around with the texture pack for a while, a few things were starting to take shape. But they don't look anything like harvest moon yet.

No uploads because there is something wrong with cocoa beans. Soon all the tool upgrades will be made by next week (hopefully) and doors and chests will be properly made. Is the grass texture colour too dull? well actually i made the grass grey so I guess it is luck.

Friday, September 14, 2012


not much advancing in the texture pack this week. I have been playing around with the axe and so far i made a weird looking wooden axe. I want the texture pack to look like harvest moon gba version so that is how the tools will be oriented. I think the sword will be a sickle maybe. I was also trying to make different fur of sheep  but it is not that nice. Here are the photos:
 who is thirsty?

 new wool texture

 the wooden axe
Now the only thing that is left is that the cows become round instead of square.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Minecraft UGO Mod

Minecraft UGO mod
There is this person from japan who did a nice mod that adds sort of motion and mechanics into the still-ish, block-ish world of minecraft. The mod is called UGO craft. more like yugioh, no? It is a great mod an it changes a lot in minecraft. So literally you can make a secret room in your library and it opens awesomely and in an undetected way. It also helps you to use less blocks for a bigger change in space, compared to pistons that is. Surprisingly, everything is smooth and looks very good. Now the reason why i talk about it is this video where it is possible to make A MOVING CAR in minecraft. maybe a boat even or something. that is great. Even if you don't understand anything you might find a good place to download.
Yes also no update today about the texture pack. I don't want to give you an empty texture pack!! Besides, the blocks are going all weird. I accidently changed a wrong block and got mixed up. But it is not really that this project went too far to be famous. Thanks everyone who likes this at least the harvest moon is getting shape. Maybe even a storyline. But harvest moon has no storyline, does it?
If there was a baby egg mob mod then that would be perfectly like harvest moon because you usually start with baby animals. When I release an official version i will kill all the previous animals (sadness) then put only baby versions. unless you are too greedy and want milk, eggs, and wool immediately! hahahahahaha

Monday, September 10, 2012

More Cows

More Cows of Harvest Moon-craft
Remember the first cow I made?

There is more:



 Super cute

 Brown and spotty

 white chocolate

 Spotty cute
So do you like it? an official texture pack is coming! If you think there is a good colour for cows then say what you want in the comments.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Harvest Moon Adventure Map DOWNLOAD NOW

Harvest Moon-Craft Datalog
Soon I will post only weekly or once every two weeks, so I would like to tell you how the harvest moon has gotten so far. I am making an adventure map, although it is still not finished, but i did a lot so far. I wanted to show you the pictures and see how it looks. With the new snapshot of flower pots and two new crops, Minecraft sure is getting harvest moony. I found this great websites that use cloud saving, so you can download it at the end of the page! Now I will show you the photos. Note that I am still not done.
 The farm dual plot comes in three forms: one with light and water, one with water alone and no light if you feel like a challenge (agressive mobs spawn and ruin crops at night, and crops take longer to mature), and one without any water but there is a well. I only give you the third option only on 1.2.5 with the farmcraftory mod because there is a watering can that takes one block of water and hydrates a lot of farm plot with just one right click

 The house. Complete with toolbox, seed chest and more.

 The two more chests in the background should have the farmcraftory and cook craftory mod tools, that is until i make a complete buying/selling system. If the mod is installed, there should also be a harvest chest and no cocoa beans (you already have them on a jungle tree) also i gave you a few decoration and tree is a jungle bonsai that is not shown. If in 1.3.2 new snapshot you can choose to get all these in flower pots (if you want)

 There is also a door for your dog.

  If the dog does not come walking and when you download the adventure map the dog is sitting and refuses to stand, then i will post another version where you get the wolf egg and a lot of bones.

 The table for eating is Korean-style. You sit on the couch and put your legs inside the table. Don't worry, it doesn't bite!

 This is the chicken "coop" still going to update it. Chickens are not allowed to mix with animals because they love cauldrons and never leave it. There are a few hay stacks and i will make for them an actual indoor coop (and give the horse a stable) You should start with 2 chickens and 1 chick or 3 chickens, depending on your luck

 what you begin with in your first chest (the "toolbox" It has bread , cookies, and cake for you meanwhile the steak, rotten flesh, and chicken are for your puppy. It has a few wheat for you to heard your animales inside the barn at sunset. I forgot the buckets, so that they act like milkers. If you install the liquid mod then you can make a "well" of sorts that you can store milk in and have the buckets empty.

 The secound chest containing all seeds, and a few saplings. The potatoes and carrots should be in another chest but this is without te snapshot so their chest is empty

 Th animal barn from outside. Don't worry it is protected from losing your animals and wolves entering Note that in the big version they will be almost 100% free to roam around but do not leave the farm because the farm will be huge.

The animal barn from up. You start with 3 cows, 2 sheeps, and a "pig" with a saddle so it is a horse. Notice the horse is stuck in a place so that you must go out and get it. Be sure to tak it back into the barn at night! and also close the fence gates at night after you put them in, and open them first thing in the morning. Because in the update the floor of the barn will be wooden planks. There will also be an option to take the barn with a roof (I don't like roofs, but if you are scared they get sick in the rain) if you want. Also, The animals won't get thirsty with the cauldrons.

 The horse. Open the fence gate and he will automatically come to you. Give him a name!

 The kitchen. Bake those cakes and potatoes with ease. Coal is included at the start but at some point you must make your own charcoal or go to the mines in the snow (still in the making)

 The barn. The yellow wool is like fodder, so they (should) stand there every morning so that you shear them. If you want to kill an animal (to take its meat) make sure you have a replacement for it. I left a lot of wheat for you, but you also must plant your own for food

Future Updates
What I was planning to do next:
  • Make the 1.2.5 and 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 after snapshot and before snapshot versions
  • Make the zombie look like  the business man who tries to sell you fake chicken feed and it turns out a troll (in the actual game) In minecraft it will be so he follows you blindly and when you kill him he drops the dog food (rotten flesh) Now that is a good deal.
  • Village and buying and selling system.
  • Village/town Market
  • And more
Here is the link to download Note that some updates could be slower from now on (until next summer) and the different "versions" of with roof without roof and different farm plots will come soon enough.
If you never used an adventure map then follow these steps:
  1.  Extract here (by right clicking and you have to have winzip installed
  2. Copy the Harvest Moon folder (the interior harvest moon, in case you clicked extract to instead of here)
  3. Paste into %appdata% /Roaming / .minecraft /saves
  4. Open and enjoy
The farm is away from spawn. Use the nickname Mark or Chelsea when opening if you cant find the farm. Use those nicknames through mineraft updater, because they are not real accounts so they dont have passwords. Both people spawn inside the house. In an update i will do a wool path leading you to the farm (probably a red VIP path)

Thank you.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Harvest Moon Minecraft Skin

Minecraft Harvest Moon Skin And Texture Pack
I was making a minecraft texture pack about harvest moon. I am not finished but i was planning to make:
  • Multiple human skins
  • Mostly all mob skins (cat is hard)
  • all blocks in the world and most inventory icons
  • moon (it is harvest moon duh)
  • map that has a house (like the GBA version) a dog, and a farm plot (and probably a village but that is in another update)
  • Multiple versions
  • Seeds
  • Choices of pet colours (not in-game)
  • and more!
Now there is mods that do help Harvest Moon invade the minecraft world. But they are in 1.2.5 Such examples:
  • Farmcraft
  • Chefcraft
  • Seasoncraft
In that case the texture pack currently works for all three versions.
So far I was able to make a few mob skins. Currently the Humans are like those of Island Of Happiness, namely Mark and Chelsea:
So the girl and the boy look a little cartoonish and follow closely this image. It does look weird that a boy has green eyes and the glove is suspicious (it looks like it has blood on it, murderer-ish) Oh and I forgot the backpack on purpose. It is going to be an option wether you want the rucksac on your character or not (it does look ugly, after all). But that is not until another day. i did slight improvements to the girl version, just in case you like the older version (not on this website). Anyway, let the pictures show you instead:

There are going to be more stuff coming up (especially that making N64/psp guy is easy as cake) Anyway I love the girl's blue eyes. But according to people (i know in real life) boys prefer Mark's skin to be dirty like steve. Well I am going to make that in the N64 version and he is not going to smile (unfortunetly) but if it is to give you a lot of options, then yeah. There is a lot of cute girls in harvest moon i don't know if i can cover them all, but i will try as much as there are pokemon in this world (lol not really)
Next on the menu is, animals and pets. Since minecraft doesnt have that much crops, at least i can elaborate on your livestock. Remember that the MC world i will make will obviously have a stable and barn (and i am thinking of an upgrade system, but that is far off) but i made horses (don't freak out, there is no mods, so you can't control them, unless with a carrot on a stick in 1.3.2 and the upcoming 1.4) and livestock is too adorable to kill and eat. That is why my MC world is designed to make you vegeterian (don't be vegeterian in real life though) with premade food for you and your puppy. Wild dogs are exactly like how they are in HM; killing your livestock and looking black and ugly, but not too dirty. I hate muddy fur. Okay more pictures:

Aww don't the sheep look always clean and brushed, and the cow is creamy just in case you wanted to change something in it. oh an never use paint, unless you want a giant moving white box. There is also a "spherical" version coming up, where the sheep have curly wool and the cow has circlish spots. This cow has no change in the pattern that Notch did, just the colours and no mud. There is a villager skin as an attempt to make typical harvest moon characters from all and any HM game, but it is terrible and looks like a kid drew it so don't expect it any soon and i suggest you try this link. I did not make it. Copyright to whomever has this artistic skill. Moving on, the puppy. You should start with your own puppy. Obviously it should look different than wild wolves. So here it is, two versions. I reccoummend the darker wolf, but it is your choice.

Sorry there are not more pictures of the brown dog, it is still beta i will have more options. The brown wolf has a golden collar-thingy (Yaay :D) and i know cats are cuter, but editing it is a little hard at the moment. More pictures of wolves are coming up pretty soon. The wolf egg and bones come in the chest, because apparently I seem to be the only one who suffers the freezing pet glitch. So hatch the egg at your own risk!

Okay now how to download and install

There is a mediafire link is on the side coloumn  of the web version.