Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Minecraft Life Story, HM update

Minecraft Life Story, HM update
Today I was playing a little at the public servers (I am BluecometZola in case you know me) and I found that minecraft single player is a lot more fun. It would be nice if there was some freestyle survival in servers.
you don't see redstone lamps everyday
Then I found some friends. It was fun. I first met AyjayxD or but we got separated from all the stupid portals (seriously stop it server owners) and when I finally found a normal server there were these PvP people who kicked everybody out whenever they are not AFK so it was also boring. Then I finally found an ALIVE server. Sure it wasn't survival but it didn't have all the annoying portals, and it had a lot of people and it was mainly some preparations for fighting and stuff. The main fun part was that I met a cowman. I mean like a human with that skin of a cow wearing a suit. I also found a really good server full of matches. This server's IP is and it was a little fun. It had many Call Of Duty maps, so I was feeling some coolness. Take a look at my new friend:
 that is a "normal" skin?

he has diamond armour!

oh 3D tag
After that, when I was scrolling through the other harvest moon texture packs that exsist, I realized I made a grave mistake with mine. Many others, like me and this cool guy, think of Harvest Moon as a super cute thing and in order to make it a Minecraft texture pack everyone adds his own level of detail the way he sees Harvest Moon. But if you see this guy's texture pack, he focused on only one title of HM and exactly perfected his work. I would really wish if he would continue the updates. This guy seems to have done both the packs I was working on too, but the wood is much better. Seriously download the one I enjoyed the most here (second guy) and check the first video of his playlist.

So this got me to a conclusion to ask you, the downloaders of the pack (I got over 20 downloads!! Thanks everyone!), if you would like it or hate it if I change the pack a little.
I already mentioned I was going to use the Islands of Happiness/Sunshine Islands (I own both) in many different things, like the GUI (still not finished) and the ores, for example. Then what else should I do? What about the Zombie N64 reference? should I remove it? Should I make the horses a little more realistic, or leave them as ugly as in the HMIoH? (Yes I did not like the horse)
his ore

my ore
Also a super important thing:

 floor! sand!

different floor?

That's right. There is too much floor textures in HM that resemble the same block in MC. So I should be doing some major changes. Here I will post a poll (PC users sidebar, mobile users comment) about which block of wood should be changed to this floor texture?
 tiles. and still the wooden house, crops, and hay
Or should it not change at all? I also am open for suggestions and I would like some help in many other blocks: sand, clay, grass (I think grass is good), dirt (dirt should be a path or gravel?) and dirt again (should it look like untilled land in farm space or a path or a grass-less empty place or the original feel) Please reply soon because this 1.5.2 texture pack changing is very tiring!
Also here is a secret: before I even began this blog I had a Zelda OoT texture pack in the works and also a Majora's Mask adventure map (Outside clock town would make a great parkour map, but getting the scale of the crowded clock town right was hard) But I won't show you anything yet because it is still in the very early stages. Last thing: Try to guess what is my skin again! Play More Zelda!

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