Thursday, February 6, 2014

Flappy Bird’s secret for topping the charts

Flappy Bird’s secret for topping the charts

     Somehow, on the same day, everyone, from computer geeks to casual gamers, downloaded the same app on the same day. What kind of sorcery is this?

    There’s no such thing as magic, but there is Mario references and they are basically the same concept. Those signature 8-bit pipes are to attract the sleepy-headed who only recognize what they previously like and are not exactly looking for anything new. These people are the most likely to be the “install, open once, uninstall” types, but the game’s simple repeating pattern wouldn’t let them.

    Repeating. We were all children one day, and we learned language, “good actions” and “bad actions” all by copying others, and trial and error. We were all, eventually, echoing doing something forever resembling a ritual, and if we were to put a BASIC loop and a child side-by-side, the human, for once, wins. Flappy bird succeeds in waking up the latent child that was a faster learner and adapter than we are now. Unconsciously, you will be clicking at accurately regular intervals, and aim to never make a single mistake, or else you have to repeat. The pipe-less space at the beginning is what initiates this point by clicking regularly to remain in the middle on the screen.

   When something goes viral, there will be people out there who want the best and highest score. Being a free game with no “rocket booster” or any randomly spawning modifications, becoming a legend is an honorable thing, or just to look dedicated in front of your friends, you aim for the highest score. I am not that enthusiastic about playing this game, but everyone around me is challenging all their peers to beat their score. This sense of scoring system makes people want to polish their skills more.

   If I said any more, I’d be making up reasons. These three reasons are what make this game viral. The highest score on iOS may be 9999, but on Android it’s over 2 million gaps crossed. This is fascinating. Scores should be shared on google + from now on, although the iOS’ game center is still superior.

There are a lot more draft articles but too few time this month. Play More Zelda!

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