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That's right folks, after 3 years the blog finally reached 15,000 views all time. thank you all so much for making this possible. I've got a lot of things to say, but let's first go with chronological order:

Watch live video from BluecometZola on TwitchTV

The Twitch about the little thank you lamps wasn't that clear, so here are pictures.

look at the quick tools bar. yep, an update

But pictures won't express my happiness, so I decided to publish what I still haven't finished, which is the wool blocks. I've been working to try to make them look complex but at the same time fit in the cute and cell-shaded style of the rest of the texture pack, all while keeping to the harvest moon sunshine island presets. This game has a lot of carpets. Just take a look yourself
yellow wool based on diner


more yellow, much choose


 this cream colour is nice, maybe I'll make it a rare colour

 this green is like leaves in MC! no way I'm adding that


 nice too


 I wanted this but it wouldn't fit the MC world


 the cyan, nice pillow on the floor thing

 see why I'm confused?

 even the plaza! I did the gravel for this but still

But minecraft is made for using many blocks next to each other, and if I copy-pasted the harvest moon ones it would easy bore out and feel like only one block should ever be placed in the whole chunk. This is why this took a longer time than I imagined. So far I made five:
 the yellow and green are diner and carpenter shop

 I did this for the carpets

from left to right: orange, lime, yellow, green, cyan, and white.
White resembles the sheep, yellow and green both resemble shops, thus the tools (yellow is rake and sword or a fork and knife) while the green is for the carpentry shop, so hoe and pickaxe (hammer) it is. Cyan is what I wished to have for the stone slab, except that it doesn't make sense. I shall make a map to celebrate this!

What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW! DOWNLOAD NOW NOW NOW NOW

One more thing I'd like to mention, is a method to make nice street lamps, all branching from one daylight sensor. It's on twitch. With no voice.

And tell me what you think? I already have over 100 downloads so I think there might be some suggestions, right? Tell us in the comments. Watch a twitch about my calculator here, and if you liked the texture pack but don't feel like you want to download, here's an extra push:

  • Added more GUI
  • Added 5 wool blocks
  • Fixed coal ore
  • Fixed rotten flesh

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