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Animal Crossing New Leaf Review No Spoilers

Animal Crossing Review No Spoilers
  I've discovered the most perfect way to know if an animal crossing game is worth getting or not. It's actually a little story of how I got to know the animal crossing series. When I got AC:WW which i was eager for, it had its own feeling and mood around it. It was magic? No, it was because of how Bunnie and Daisy sing the town tune. I got the game during Acorn Week, but the acorn week didn't start until I finished my job at Tom Nook. That is what really made me love the series.

  City Folk was extremely disappointing though, being almost a port of Wild World on the Nintendo Wii, and the Animalese has lost its touch and had a rolling tongue accent. To me, nothing can top Wild World, even when I had to migrate towns and the museum turned to "so-and-so".

  New Leaf, the latest one which I've been playing since release date, has so much new features and better graphics. It has DLCs, many new items and categories, but for the review I decided to focus on a rather unusual story, rather than listing the new items and spoiling the point of discovery.

  I opened the game after a long time of not playing it. If a game is worth getting then you'd know from this. Wild World felt nostalgic and I got addicted to it again. City Folk failed to draw me in. But with New Leaf, you get punishment for being missed! Nature punishes you like in all AC games, but you get work to do, to help you dive into the game again. The work even has a timer, and I probably took too much time. Watch with the images:
Raining, and gardening has never felt so free

bed hair

Like in City Folk, you can change view

not to spoil anything, but this timer is for SOMETHING when you don't open the game for a while. No, it's not "find the Resetti before he finds you" game.

Sneezing because I forgot my umbrella inside a letter attachment

The worst thing about this game is taking pictures. because 99.9999999% of them, your eyes will be closed

Exclusive, creative furniture

My noisy and messy HRA-point-stacking room

By the way, in every Animal Crossing game, I collect the gongoids

Green minimalist clock up there

I chose random and..

I don't want this one


i was right

 after raining

I am the coolest, and my eyes are closed again

Muahahahaha! How does it feel, old friend, to be so short and powerless?

Best friends understand each other by the look, but she is taller than me

a failed attempt to get a conversation right

my sign saying that Pikachus are dangerous and so is Redd

Why do I need to buy a twig? can't I just shake off a tree?

My eye was closed in the last one, but now I am somersaulting

I rented an exhibit in the museum for...


bug hunting returns in its full glory

Did you enjoy a "picture review"? Since Animal Crossing is a life simulation game, I decided it would be best to leave you review it before playing it, with as minimal spoilers as possible. For new-timers to the series but not the genre, Animal Crossing is nothing like Sims games, and I hope these pictures have proved it. Play More Zelda!

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