Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Senyuu Review

Senyuu review
this is a picture not a video, did i trick you?

Senyuu 戦勇。 is this new anime that came out this year, and is already into episode 5 of its season 2. Each episode is quite short, e.g. 4 minutes at most, also don’t forget that the ending is included. I guess it’s genre would be: comedy/ action / fantasy / Zelda-likelike / (I should stop making up genres here)
is that vaati back there?

The setting feels like some old dragon ball setting, with many dungeon-crawler RPG references, making it one of the most enjoyable things I watch each day. If you take it from a serious standpoint, you could say that it discusses the reality of having a real life Zelda-like adventure everyday with so many other heroes like you. I love the hero + Demon Lord plot.
Whoops, any more and this little story will be all revealed. Just kidding, there does seem to be a complex plot coming up unexpectedly, and some stupid characters suddenly turn smart and realistic logic suddenly sneaks in. That aside, Here is a “review”, although I really do not want to number it…

so many jokes

Seriously though, each episode should've been longer, maybe that would open more possibilities, but it is really funny, and I don’t want to number the review this time around.
one requirement for a good anime is the LED eye! I love this "evil intentions" eye

If you liked cuticle tantei inaba's and angel beats' bloody jokes, these also have more of them than angel beats
so true if games were real!
So i guess that I will stop here in order to leave a lot for you. Although I had more screenshots and I should've made this longer.
Overall I would recommend this 8/10 of the time, because it isn't finished yet. Play More Zelda!

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