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Choose your death: Google’s WWIII

Choose your death: Google’s WWIII
Google's motto deciphers into the exact opposite

      Google is opening the double doors to Hell, also known to optimists as the Future. Why is that? Sure, there is enough evidence for every other tech company to have the potential to become the next Shinra. However, we cannot live in fantasy forever, and we should update our vision of the future, because the future is shaping right in front of us.
it won't remain an innocent carriage donkey for long

    First, and most apparent, the eight robotics that Google purchased by the end of 2013. Why? Google, the dominant search engine that has an open-source smartphone software and can potentially professionalize any computer-related industry, is not trying to make robots replace humans’ jobs. This theory is over-used, and while yes, it is beginning to surface in Japan, might not be as radical and pivotal in hanging the weight of all humanity as military robots might be. People like us don’t even have a say in these things. It’s disgusting as to how our race don’t even learn from our mistakes, we are taught history in school and don’t comprehend the logic that made wars arise. One simple thing we should know is that it’s one person’s discrimination and misunderstanding that led to both World Wars.

   I am not against robots at all: in fact I am very progressive and open-minded, but military robots are a different thing. Usually, I’d fake braveness, but I am not stupid enough to go stand in front of a gundam or a nightmare like Princess Euphemia just because I’d assume the person inside would have any morals left. That is, if there is anyone inside in the first place. See, the biggest problem is, we aren’t going for gundam, but we are going for a group of giant automated arthropod-like buggies that can aim and shoot all on their own, not without connecting to your smartphone and auto targeting based on what your brain is looking at, that don’t require a person inside to operate. That’s the biggest mistake right there. No, I will not go and explain how robots might have a mind of their own because that’s far-fetched, but I am saying that even when obeying orders, military robots are just what they are: mass-murdering machines.
at least this one has a human inside, for now. The reason why I think that they'll be automated is because of artificial intelligence and genetic engineering. Anything is possible, and what made the leap in our current day technology is the WWII, as necessity is the mother of invention.

Despite what she looks like now, she's actually a good character... I understand if you never believe me again though.

     Now, why copying insects, arachnids, and myriapods will be all the rage in the future? Simple: Boston Dynamics is copying mammalians right now but what is the most dominant class on the planet? Insects. These not always detritivores are very successful in a countless number of features, but they are often joined with other arthropods in their detritophage niche. In our case, robots never feed, and insects never had shortage of food as a problem, and being the most successful beings they are, I don’t see why aliens would talk to us rather than talk to the real ones governing the planet.
arachnid, but all the same.

      But most insects are herbivores. So there might be shortage of food for them sometimes. That’s why you should take a look at what is happening all around you: metamorphosis. Not only inclusive to insects, this amazing process allows changes in diet, type of locomotion used (Wings!), and etc. Combined with insects’ co-evolution with plants, the future will simply be a lot deadlier if beetles suddenly became titanic and started eating humans. It's like upgrading hardware of you desktop PC, except on a bigger scale.
not a predator.. yet

    But this is not a scientific research on why cats aren’t as cool as bugs, but rather that the way science mimics animals, which are way more successful than us in adaptation just the way they are. Now mirroring them while adding really hard metal alloys and featuring a human size, and then the rest of humanity has but to say its prayers.
worst part of the whole story is, that the idea is already used in real life.

   Just kidding. Or am I? I’ll leave you judge. But it’s not like these 750+ words will change the future anyway. Next thing we should be doing to counter this is building towns that look like anthills or something instead of burying underground to hide from planes (or in our case dragonplanes or aeroflies) or living in giant ships that have the exterior representing other animals. This may seem like rant to you, but after 80 years it might not be so. Until then, Play More Zelda!
ants are chemists!

Here's some non-violence related but potentially creepy robots.
This might be a series. But if you don't like it, at least head by the souvenir freebies before you leave the blog.

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