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Sony IFA 2013 Digest

Sony IFA 2013 Digest

  Sony had put on a good slideshow about its cameras, as the entire IFA was too. Today, this article is just about Sony, and other presentations are tomorrow. But this won’t be mere listed facts, because not all technology of the future is good.

“Ladies and gentlemen this is the much anticipated Xperia Z1”
  We all want to talk about the smartphone first, so what do we think about the Xperia Z1? I cannot wait for launch to see the full specifications, but it surely is a cutting-edge phone with a whopping 20.7MP camera, is completely waterproof and has a cool-looking metal frame. It has a good processor although I can’t wait to hear exactly what it is.

  They even mentioned some of the online services and software which make people excited about (I usually choose my phones for the hardware) that Samsung used to climb its way up. The best one I saw from Sony is the Info-eye. It is better than Siri; a camera that searches the encyclopedia for you. If its database is well-nourished, which it seems to be from the presentation, and then it’ll become an amazing software.
the opposite of a self shot and he looks proud

  The Xperia Z1 comes with extended battery and water-proofing, as well as AR. I think this will make it some immortal phone, but first the full specifications have not been mentioned yet despite launching is this month.

  One of the best features on the Xperia is the many Images taken even before you click the button (if you don’t understand it see how Xbox One will record the previous five minutes before you asked it to record. The Camera for the Xperia is always taking images but will show you the few before you pressed the button) which is a really great idea for the phone as I’ve always failed to get a cool picture for pranking because by the time the camera loads and I press the person has already became aware. Seriously If this phone has a quad-core 1.5GHz or above processor I will buy it.

  They even presented us with some sort of terrific hardware that is two additional lenses that can be added to any smartphone, not just the Xperia series. The attachable lens to any smartphone camera called the QX10 and the QX100 which also has Wi-Fi and one-touch (Sony connection service). For the lens to have Wi-Fi, it is clear that Sony does want us to post everything second by second, which I don’t like, and below is why.

  Quickly ending this issue, the worst of Sony on the Xperia Z1 is their online live posting to all social networks and the cloud storage of pictures of all devices. Maybe the cloud storage is beneficial, but posting everything online live is not the thing for all of us. Even in the world of speed, many of us have not mastered the art of instantly making yourself look picture-perfect in a split second. I always think twice for what pictures I post on the internet. I dislike the Google Plus smartphone app for the same reason: it stalks your camera. Some people are living in a house of glass, but I am not fond of putting my life entirely on the internet. And I don’t like this movement of technology.

  But the smartphone wasn’t everything. If you want to scale from something similar to the smartphone, they were talking about the Walkman, an MP3-like device. It had good audio quality, but that some new hybrid has totally covered it:

  Yes, the Vaio laptop / tablet. It is called the Vaio Tap 11, and is really slim (slimmer than a Macbook) has a magnetic attachable stand and keyboard. No information revealed about launch or specifications, but you do know it will have their own processor Exynos and that it is portable (that’s actually hard to ignore).

  What surprises me most after those two (the Xperia and the Tap 11) is the projector for TV. Never heard of that before, and we only used projectors for laptops. It is even HD and can get a huge size. They had a TV to talk about that was 65”, but this 4K TV projector is actually bigger than that.

  Going back to the one-touch, it seems that by the end of 2013, “more than 100 devices” will support one-touch. I like connecting all of the devices together, although I hope they can let you completely disable the live posting app.
i also want this

  And saving the best for last, the Sci-Fi wearable technology! Who will win this? What is Sony’s plan? Alright so this time it is a bracelet, wristwatch, whatever you may call it for now. Sadly we don’t get too much information, however we do know, that with one-touch, and the video cameras, you will be able to playback the video on the watch to see how the shaking automatically got removed before posting it. We also know one thing for sure: the wrist-accessory has a GPS and Wi-Fi, will connect to social networking and Sony services. Also this could mean that One-touch will also have everything related to a GPS when uploading images and videos.
at the end, did they have a little too much to present? let us know your opinion in the comments below

  TVs come with 7.1 surround sound, and a video camera that I personally want to get. It makes me not regret having Sony products in my house. Well, that’s all for now, and tomorrow I will keep you updated on what I think should be highlighted (or almost everything) of the Samsung and HTC presentations, respectively. Play More Zelda!

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