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Anime Review: Cuticle Tantei Inaba

Cuticle Tantei Inaba review
 kei is adorable

My anime review of Cuticle Detective Inaba is up, because there is not much episodes and it is recent so hoping for another season isn’t far off. Without further ado, here is to why and why not you should like this anime and wait for the new season.
he is excited about.. well.. shampoo

First, here is a little spoiler-less explanation: The story revolves around a werewolf detective and how he tackles enemies along with the police. However there is a lot of humour, which still does not remove the main plot. There is a lot of fandom there, or fetish, over cute animals. That shouldn’t include goats, right? (Despite them being my favorite domestic animal since childhood)

Story = 8/10
only twelve episodes, but they are so enjoyable

The story is very good, although it advances a little fast, but it is easy to catch up. The plot is actually very serious and sad, but there is a lot of good humour, making the anime fun to watch. Sure, there might be slightly bad jokes, but they are very easy to ignore. The story also loses score because sometimes the humour gets in between reality, and rarely, they are also hard to distinguish. But actually it almost the perfect mix between chibi and serious characters. There should really be more episodes with this kind of advancement in plot. It is extremely fun to watch.

we always want these scenes
Music = 9.5/10

It doesn’t have to be my favourite type of music to actually gain score, as it fitted the mood amazingly, and the opening was the best I ever heard. The BGM is very essential and it didn’t fail at all. No complaints here.

Artstyle = 9/10
mixture of serious and chibi. cute :3

Yes they do get serious as much as they don’t, in terms of artstyle. They have the best of both worlds. Especially bonus points to the fact that the extremely detailed form does not ruin the mood or animation at all, unlike some anime. I would’ve given it 10/10, but sometimes Yuuta’s face is hard to understand with his extreme emotion.

 Voice Acting = 9/10
yuzuki Ogata is so cute and dreamy

I am not complaining about the way they act; there was a lot of yelling and the commenting Kei moments weren’t annoying at all, but rather they choose a weird group. The main character, Hiroshi Inaba, had the voice actor Junichi Suwabe, who is nice and all. But here is the problem: I first heard him as Tseng, from Crisis Core. And let me tell you I really hate Tseng. Thus, for some reason, I never learn to love any character that Mr. Suwabe voice acts. Even when he was Greed in the first season of Fullmetal Alchemist, I kind of liked Greed, but there was that invisible barrier. Sorry, this review is based on opinion, maybe if I didn’t watch Crisis Core I would’ve not had any problems. The voice actors are good but previous roles got to me, and I know it is my problem.

Overall: 8.8/10
 he considers himself a dog, and it isn't bad to be a "dog of the military" in this anime as much

I don’t know what happened to drop this score: that is what the calculator said. Anyway, this is almost my first anime review so please understand that it may be biased. Most importantly, I only review things I like, since it is a hobby that is why I am reviewing about it only because I am recommending you all to watch. I would surely buy the manga when I do get a chance. Now scroll down if you want to hear my spoiler opinions. There is nothing non-spoiler below it, so don’t scroll if you haven’t watched:


Seriously I hate police, reality, games, or anime, but this anime is another one which lets me give them a soft spot, for now. I think the whole wolf-human think, which sprouts hatred in Don Valentino, is completely sad. Why is that goat racist? He must be angry at himself for hating wolves in an unfair way when he had to part with Akiyoshi. They are human, but it even displays them having no shame to be treated like dogs. I guess that deep feelings around the story are what really make it a fantastic anime, which is really worth fangirling. I used to hate dogs, now I completely feel the opposite. However, I still have that crazy obsession with cats, like Kei. The hairstyle and artstyle are amazing too. That is what I really feel about it, and overall I would’ve given it a 9/10. Play More Zelda!

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