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Panasonic IFA 2013 Digest

Panasonic IFA 2013 Digest

  There is definitely too much to look at in Berlin, but what is highlighted from Panasonic?

  The first thing you should look at is the first 4K TV. Each company seems to be having its own 4K product lines. This TV comes with HDMI 2.0 and ofcourse it is 65” or else there is no point in high quality in a small screen.
  That is exactly why the Panasonic 4K Microsoft tablet is a 20”, with Intel processor and Nvidia graphics. It also comes with a stylus, and I am assuming it will be expensive enough. However, I am glad that someone realized that tablets are not meant to be small. 20” is quite a treasure to keep at home, unlike other smaller tablets which we keep at home anyway.

  There is also an OLED 4K TV, which we don’t have much information about, but it sure does seem fantastic. They did state that it is way too expensive to be produced commercially and that is why Panasonic wants to be the first in getting that to the market. I think it will still be expensive.
OLED is fascinating on its own, without 4K

Before getting to the new TV features, let’s talk about gaming. They displayed Final Fantasy 14 (PC version) on a 4K TV in Berlin. What is really astonishing is the fact that FF14 is an online game, and as you know, the weaker your internet, the worse the performance of the game. Ofcourse, for a disc based game, you get all of your graphics and controls from the disc, but the enemy movements as well as yours are not happening if it isn’t stored in the server. On a side note, I do not know the name of the tree boss which looked like a Kirby boss, and I am curious to know what it is called.

  They think that this will work on Xbox One and PS4 and PC, but everybody seems to be shunning the Wii U. Oh well.

  Then we come to the internet TV functions. They had their own homescreen which still views the TV while showing you the quick-access buttons like your favourite channels and internet browsing. This is not just for 4K. But the best feature is below.

   The best thing I ever saw in this IFA was the new remote control. It is amazing! It has a touch pad, microphone (for the voice searching) and looks sci-fi. If I recall correctly it was for the W2 TV.
So cool! I just want the remote, because I rarely watch TV

   Don’t have the sci-fi remote in the box? Don’t worry. There is still a free Android and iPhone application for other Panasonic TVs with internet functions. I think this is more awesome than the Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver dowsing machine, which does look sci-fi in a cool way.
Pokemon HG/SS dowsing machine. I enjoyed Black and White dowsing for items with and old-fashioned dowsing technique more.

  I don’t really get it but Panasonic had lamps? Never mind. The 4K is also supported in blu-ray, so I think the PS4 would be most suitable than the Xbox One generally (in reply to all of the console rivalry, although I like Wii U for its quality GAMES not quality graphics). That’s all for now, and IFA is ending, while I still did not write on Samsung! Expect something this weekend not now. Play More Zelda!

(P.S. Boo to Capcom for the Monster Hunter game with Link on it)

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