Friday, March 28, 2014

What Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift really means for gamers

What Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift really means for gamers

    Facebook recently bought a virtual reality company called Oculus Rift. Bad news. Really bade news.
it'll be worse with VR, but it'll be cooler

    I’m sorry for being so pessimistic. Let’s look at the future in another way, if there is a future. I could write a Choose Your Death article on this, but it’s too typical. So, why did Facebook purchase VR headset designers? To control their minds? Because glassholes aren’t enough to cause a zombie apocalypse, and Facebook wants to rival G+ on the fate of humanity? That VR headset is obviously for anything other than walking casually. Then again, maybe the Oculus Rift didn’t have a design cut for Virtual Reality games that much.

This was amazing though.
 I'm impressed!

    Remember that Rift is almost like a pioneer in trying to make VR enter every normal household. Making something mainstream doesn’t go right from the first try. It’s like trying to light a campfire when it’s your first time. They need all the resources they can get their hands on, including the soaked branches. Facebook’s support will most certainly allow more research in VR to consumers, maybe it’s the wrong step, but it’s a step nonetheless.

    It’ll all be the problem of that they’ll enable the hardware to know stuff about you that you didn’t want, such as GPS all the time, heart rate, mood (I mean, come on, it’s on your brain, surely they’ll be able to detect your brain waves in an instant). Probably, they can also tase you, deafen you, blind you, etc. but on purpose. The risk of brain cancer and all these stories related to using computers on your head, such as phones, will not differ in this case, but that isn’t the problem. The problem is that if Facebook suddenly decided to help the poor thieves out and make you blank out for them to sneak into your house and take that new 4K smart TV you just bought. Or if some hacker managed to do it.
Photoshop is just not my thing, but I'll keep trying anyway

   The weird thing is that Facebook might actually do those things. I read once that they save all the deleted posts, before they were even published the first time, without your consent. Why? Because they wanted to know why you deleted and understand what people want, or so they said. I don’t anyone seeing that I deleted “i gpt an new headsey” and typed in “I got a new headset.” instead; it was just that I was typing on my smartphone with the wrong hand, and there is no reason to investigate the trend of trying to correct spelling mistakes. However, Facebook wants to have CONSTANT pulse of feedback about you, and your location, and what phone you use. Emphasis on location.

   But now Facebook can now your iris shape, and maybe that’ll be the new password. So, when thieves come to steal, they’ll amputate your finger for the iPhone 5S, and enucleate your eye for the device. Great, now all we need is a skateboard that unlocks with your weight or socks that power on with your toe prints, so you’d end up with only your left side healthy. We really need a better system, like DNA marking by GPS so we’d all be doomed into slavery, but at least nobody can steal that device from beneath our skin… oh… wait.
more technology relying on that it can only be unlocked by you, not by memories of PINs

   Either way, say goodbye to gaming on this model of the Oculus Rift. Facebook has plans to redesign the logo, thus it’s safe to conclude that Facebook wants to make a slimmer model to be able to rival Google Glass. I’m not sure about allowing real life visibility though, because that would ruin the purpose of VR. It could be like shutters or blinds so they’d be “safe” for street roaming, but not losing at the VR side. That may look like a bad idea, but that will spark better ideas that will define what VR will ultimately be used for.
Imagine playing a zombie shooting game in HD?

   Whether its real screens, to holograms, to VR, social media should not come in before games. MMO games should not be first, despite all the anime in Japan about that VR must be MMO. First, it’s actual solo games laying the carpet, preparing the core gameplay elements. Then social and MMORPGs can follow. If we start the other way around, the internet will be experimenting with our minds. Yes, I watch too much anime, but who doesn’t? Play More Zelda!

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