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5 Reasons Why 2DS is Not for Kids

5 Reasons Why 2DS is Not for Kids

Reggie Fils-Aime said, “it fits that consumer and also by taking out the 3D feature it allows us to target very young kids: five, six, seven years old.” Here is why this is not a good idea to have limited the console’s audience right after talking about it. The list isn’t in any particular order.

1-    No Folding. Why did people buy a PSP? Why do they buy PSVita? Because it is one stationary block of black plastic with a screen in the middle. The 2DS takes it to the next level by having a cap-like border layer for the colouring. It kind of looks like a pill bug (in a good way), if you think of the PSP as a tea-plate (bad comparison, but I don’t hate bugs). I think this brings the DS to all different styles of pocket gaming since the Gameboy, so I don’t see that kids will appreciate it much for its unbreaking ability as much as adults.
the only reason I'd want any of these clones is for crisis core, which I don't like its English version

2-    Same games and backward compatibility. Why does that make the 2DS for kids only? It looks like the old pocket gaming consoles but at the same time has better Wifi connectivity and Streetpass and all that, which is great.

3-    No 3D? Call me crazy, but there are people out there in this world that are obsessed over their eyesight, whether parents or single hitchhikers. I know a console gamer who bought the DSiXL just because it has a big screen.
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4-    Price Drop! Everything is getting more expensive these days, and one console that’s cheaper might make some other people buy it, however, I still doubt that children will have that much to spend.

a folding GBA still has better durability than the DS lite. Experimenting going backwards?

5-    Old-school gamers and the Gameboy, again. Remember all the viral old Nokia memes? The Nokia 3310 was known for one thing: Invincibility. The NDS lite does not live for long, unlike the Gameboy Advance. That is why the DSi was made (as well as the camera and eshop). My friend has a problem with the safety of her phone and all her devices and snacks from her siblings, because once something falls into their hands, you will never see it again in one piece. Maybe the 2DS is not invincible, but it hopefully will live a little longer with my friends.
A Nokia saved the life of a citizen in Syria, but it didn't save them from last week's chemical miasma. Original here

One more thing to mention is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Remember how it was for little girls? Then bronies came to exsist? It seems this is already the case, as everybody is saying limiting the audience is digging your own grave.

  Personally, I won’t buy it, because I have the 3DS XL Pikachu, but I know 5 people around me in real life who don’t like the 3DS but will buy the 2DS instead. Play More Zelda!

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