Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Goodbye, Wii

Goodbye, Wii

The Nintendo Wii is not dead yet, but the online services will be shut down soon.  Although this is sad news, it makes one begin to wonder why this console was so popular in the first place.

  The answer is very simple; the Wii had a very good gaming experience without entirely relying on internet services. Simultaneously, the Wii still managed to have well-functioning online services, without looking like old comparing to our ever-dependent online world.

check Mii out channel, Wii message board, Everybody votes channel, and such will be disabled in June
  For some reason, the internet has a huge role on our lives, and not being able to connect to them well is in the old generation. That is why the Wii needed things like messaging and voice chat, as well as playing online (like animal crossing) video calling, exchanging data, and so on. But that drifts off from the real purpose of gaming. That is why most of the Wii games were entirely playable without being online. And to balance this, things like wiiconnect24 exsist.

imagine being stuck in the water temple and the internet cuts off. good thing Zelda isn't on xbox
  If you look at the Xbox 360, you will see things like “If you do not update this game you will be logged out from Xbox live” and when you are logged out of xbox live, things like your game save will be inaccessible. From games like Minecraft to games like Happy Wars, without logging in, the console can’t prove you bought the software and it can’t open your save file. How is that a good system in a place with slow internet?

the graphics were astonishing
  However, for the Wii, the internet was an entirely optional tool. I don’t need the internet to buy a blue feather in Harvest Moon, I don’t need the internet to play Super Mario Galaxy (which is the real first game on the console, and it was outstanding) and an update that came with New Super Mario Bro. Wii was pretty much the same as a system update. And to top it all off, the Wii is backward compatible with the Gamecube. That is what a gaming console should be like.

 You don't need to play with friends in order to pay off the mortgage, but you can if you want
  Now the problem stands that the Wii is reaching its final days and will not have some online services anymore. Personally, while I am disturbed by that fact, I think it is just proof that this console can still be outstanding without:

  • HD graphics

  • Internet

  • High Resolution

  • American games

game not made by nintendo, still awesome
I hope all game developers learn from Nintendo.

Play more Zelda!

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