Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September Smartphone

September smartphone

  “What should I get this month? Which smartphone is the best?” This month is always with technology every year. But with smartphones, there are quite a good bunch of cutting-edge phones release this month. For this comparison, it’s best to limit the smartphones to the ones released in September only, since the cutting edge phones are this month anyway, most of them at least (e.g. galaxy S4).

  So basically from the cutting edge ones, we are narrowed down to LG’s Optimus G2, Sony’s Xperia Z1, and Apple’s iPhone 5S. Are there really significant changes than the previous ones?

 Let’s start with what is viral, the iPhone 5S. Apple phones were initially expensive only because they are Apple, right? Well, this time, instead of being two steps behind, now they are almost one step behind. Progress! Still a dual-core 1.7GHz but the processor is the only 64-bit on a smartphone. Isn’t 64-bit worth not having a quad-core processor? Well if there are apps in the future that require 64-bit, then maybe.

  As for the Xperia Z1, its processor clocks at 2.2GHz with its quad core processor. It is a waterproof phone and its screen is even IP58 certified, meaning a good thing and a bad thing. Pros are that it is waterproof, and will be worth its value. Cons are that its battery cannot be removed. But then again, the iPhone always has that when it isn’t even waterproof.

(On a side note, Z1 please be bullet proof!)
   The best processor comes with the LG Optimus G2 though, with a massive quad-core 2.26GHz. It may not be a huge difference than the Xperia Z1 especially that the Z1 is something you can take with while fighting a bear on the mountains, but the number is still higher. Ofcourse, processors aren’t all there is to compare. But all the specs are too much to compare to! So how about a simplified comparison?
(green = best
 red = poorest) 

  This is just a quick comparison, and since iOS7 supports the new 64-bit processors, then it wins in terms of OS. After all this, it comes down to preferences, favourite OS, customer loyalty, and price. The differences in OS and processor won’t seem noticeable for between the two androids, but LG wins non-the-less. However, apart from those, it seems the Xperia Z1 is off the charts. It really can be considered a generation before this generation. The G2 seems to be a reply to Samsung’s galaxy S4, and the iPhone is working just like the Lumia between the androids, while the Xperia Z1 is impressive. I am not being biased, and some people do like the iPhone for its signature shape and OS, but personally I am getting the Xperia Z1 this year or before the next summer. I don't mind weight.
This makes sense. Don't forget to take a selfie!

  Honestly I was thinking of the G2 being a huge LG fan, but this Xperia made me change my mind. The only thing I hate about it is not being able to open the battery (it feels like a compulsory tradition), and also people keep telling me I should buy a “revolutionary” phone that can be identified as expensive right away. I reply, “I have a 64-bit computer at home and I don’t like iOS.” I think that we should not look at brands but at hardware, and whatever people say, I will get what I want to get. And so should you, contradicting reader and/or apple fan reading this, don’t let anything break your fandom if it means saying bad things about any phone.
you can't hold the Xperia Z1 in this case though

  Actually, I am trying to make an application on android, but so far there is nothing I can show you since I haven’t even reached the beta stage. Especially that I need to finish my texture pack update, which is almost up. That’s all on my opinion on this smartphone frenzy age. Play More Zelda!

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