Saturday, December 21, 2013

Major Update! DOWNLOAD NOW

Major Update!

    First off, I'd like to thank you all for 100 total downloads of all the items in the downloads page. It wouldn't have been done without you.

  And this is what made me update my texture pack even more, you can download here or on the downloads page. Here is what the update brings:

   That's right, the survival inventory, crafting table, furnace, chests and dispenser/droppers all have a new inside look. Plus, the furnace, dispenser and dropper are all made to match the kitchen look of sunshine islands, but I was kind of in a hurry in the vertical ones, which I'll change later.

   Mycelium is also updated to match the dirt colour, but still looks too messy, as it is mycelium after all.
lava bucket still default

   The most important thing, which I will change again, is the empty bucket, milk, and water bucket have all been added to the new pack. The watering can will change, though.

  What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW! Or read on for the possible future change log, since I am confident that nobody will steal these ideas since I hit 100 downloads:
  • Netherwart will become rice, since soul sand is the rice paddy because in Harvest Moon games, you don't need to water it. (plus you can feed chickens rice in real life)
  • The creative inventory, brewing stand, and villager trading will all be changed to match the theme
  • Tools will be mirrored (laterally inverted)
  • Possibly pistons will become kitchen-like as well
  • Wool will become the carpet-like house decorations.
  • Water and empty buckets will change.
On a side note, here is why the chest is pink, crafting and furnace are green, dispenser/hopper are blue, and the inventory is light blue:
droppers are blue because the refrigerator stores things that have decreasing attributes (freshness) and if you keep an item in the fridge for too long, it'll decrease its freshness. Same thing as how the dispensers can decrease the amount of items inside it just by a redstone signal.

Treasure chest is pink because the Tool box in-game looks like a treasure chest.

The only form of crafting avaliable at the start of the game is cooking, and as you can see, the interface is green. So the crafting table and furnace are both green.

the background of the game is light blue, while the items on it are a form of yellow. This is why the inventory spaces look like that

Looks like I will mirror the tools and change the angle of the empty bucket

DOWNLOAD NOW! Play More Zelda!

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