Monday, April 8, 2013

Minecraft 2.0 and my Battle Fortress

Minecraft 2.0 and my Battle Fortress

The weird April fool’s joke is too much. A Minecraft 2.0 is already for download. It starts by looking like a bug, with thunder every few seconds, day and night passing too fast, and everything absurd.

The 3D rotation of the blocks when thrown is no longer a mod. There are “horses” or alien cows and pigs. There is floating sheep, exploding animals, Zelda’s famous Cuccos, the angry ones and the Cojiro (blue) ones. The blue ones drop diamonds and lapis lazuli instead of anything else. They also get involved in the Cucco rage quit. There are pink wither bosses that increase the tall grass and flowers and crop growth. Apparently the three headed ones can give you instant healing spell, but I couldn’t make a three headed. Never the less, everything in this world is crazy fast. I didn’t even get to the point where…
zombie with wool head

"thunder" storm

Zombies in the daylight with full enchanted armor appear! Zombie Pigmen hold signs or something, not to mention this bunch of pictures:

Now I will quickly mention what the rest of the title is talking about. I am always thinking of building a huge tower/castle where I play tower defense in the safety behind these self-generating walls. This fortress is my safe home filled with many redstone contraptions that keep the inhabitants safe and sound by attacking al what is outside; especially on multiplayer servers (I tend to get involoved in fights with PvP people a lot). The multiplayer part of the story presents a problem that I need to use as less resources as possible in order to survive. However this new redstone “bug” can even make me crash the server entirely without hacking. Well, I was joking. It can mine for me, kill other players for me, etc, but not go that far if Notch doesn't control their spawning. They seem to lag my computer in singleplayer.

Other than the fact that I left out the “summon on demand” button, this is the redstone “bug” the only mob I hate in the minecraft world is now summoned by me to help me as my army: The redstone-silverfish.

There are three variants, though there is no difference in behavior. The powered ones (bright red), the unpowered ones (black), and the low-current ones (dark red).

Now here is a close up of one contraption that I made that will fit eventually fit into the battle fortress of mine. My ultimate redstone house is filled with block eating monsters.

just a simple clock
I hate silverfish because once a griefer put a lot of silverfish stone and then they all suddenly ate my summer house and my colour-coded wires were eaten, thus I lost my redstone in the process (if you destroy the block below redstone the dust is thrown) This is worse than fire because at least I have an emergency against fire but these creatures were terrible. They love stone and can form stone bricks even! This is even worse.

However this disgusting sight will help me. The only thing left is the button that activates their summoning or not. Then if this feature is confirmed in the real Minecraft 2.0 I will definetly add this to my fortress. Death to all!

Lastly, I will show you when the pig with a saddle became zombie pigman. These are the last of the absurd screenshots. Don’t watch Youtube if you are using USB flash internet!
the explosion works for the alien pigs as well

 are these "horses" actually alien? scary

look at the "horses"

alien cow? scary

 sheeps can fly! hahaha

eggs can spawn baby animals too

i saw herobrine but again he dissappeared from the screenshot

 the "horse" i was riding just turned into a zombie pigman but the creeper explsion threw him away so i can't tell where is he

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