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First thought of New Zelda

First thought of New Zelda

he just passed that window LIKE A BOSS

Here are my opinion about this new game that was just announced in the latest Nintendo Direct.
First, YAAY more zelda news! Looks like We will all get busy. Secound, I watched the videos and got shocked, in a good and bad way.

The good is almost everything. I really like the terrains, the structures, Link, and especially the new mechanisms and new "powerups?" Like "paper link" and the springs. I can already fortell some interesting dungeon puzzles.

There is a lot of reasons to be excited about this, partly because the Link to the Past world is already fascinating in dimensional depth (like animal crossing) when it was on its original console release. The artstyle was also very RPG-esque, a little different, and having the right kind of flavour for a unique top down Zelda game, different from the oracles and link's awakening. It also has an epic beginning and funny town residents. But since we are only referring to the world of Link to the Past, Kakariko village is there (yaay).
old is cute, but the new one is bringing it back to life

However now here comes the dissappointment things. When I first saw the grassy hills, I liked it. But then when you see Link hitting enemies, something feels off. The first thing is that it is too top down for a 3D game. The problem here rests in the camera angle. Ofcourse it wouldn't be good if it was the DS' view because phantom hourglass and spirit tracks use toon link, while LttP uses child link (who is shorter than toon link).
shorter people can fly more

The only solution I can think of in this problem that I've taken the liberty of identifying is: to use an isometric camera angle.
Now isometric PLANES are not a suitable Zelda element, but an isometric camera ANGLE makes a lot of sense. Trees can now look more 3D, some height can be given to characters (like animal crossing new leaf compared to other ACs) and etc.
This solution gives rise to another problem, which is having similar graphics to animal crossing new leaf. This will not be the case with some careful planning. For example, the camera is at a fixed height (Z) above the ground, at a fixed angle towards the player from these specific (x,y) co-ordinates (since it faces the player) with the default being an angles similar to the default of harvest moon 64. Then, with the circle pad or whatever the camera can be turned around the player 180° (from right to left OF THE START POSTION not position that the player is facing) around the player. Remember that the camera will keep a constant distance around Link as if it is fixed on a circle.
one connot ignore the awesomeness in this dungeon

The fact that it is isometric is acheived by not allowing the direction of the camera to change by the direction that the player is facing, else this will be like any 3D zelda game. The dungeons however remind me of four swords adventures so isometry is definetly the best thing for a good engine like the 3DS. Fire emblem proved that this can possibly be achieved. Now remember, although I mentioned harvest moon 64, the circle pad is definetly more flexible in the transitions, allowing for example 2° in every left or right on the circle pad. This way will the game be extremely unique and fit in the world better than ever.
the game looks finished though, and I am really excited about playing this game

Then we come to my next complaint about this trailer that I watched; The sprite theme of the enemies looks like early beta stages. The chutlus (or chuchus) in the video shown look like they are 2D sprites with the illusion of depth. Even the crows had the shadowing a little off. I really think this must be fixed. They already did awesome job in many zelda games, but i really hope to see improvements and I believe there will be. Link is really well made in the videos and they are just not showing it, although we can see it at some points.
them particles <3
So overall I am really excited as the dungeons seem super exciting and full of new hardcore ideas, even from the Mario series (Paper and Galaxy) and it is extremely unique in everything, from Link's behaviour and looks, to the houses' exterior, and to the dungeons and beautiful overworld. I really can't wait for it and I would love to own this cute Zelda game and beautiful dungeon style, as well as the particles. I also love the old sound effects.
This is awesome view

Lastly I would like to have your opinions on this. I really don't hate the artstyle at all, especially the structures, but the enemy sprites are disturbing. What about you? If I could translate these few paragraphs above to japanese I would've sent them, but I fear it would be too rude.
Tell us your ideas and opinions in the comments below. And Play More Zelda!

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