Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Milk, Water, Lava, Bucket

Milk, Water, Lava, Bucket

  What should I do? I am trying to edit all of the items of the game. So the bucket should look like the milker, the water bucket should look like the green watering can, the milk should look like the traditional milk bottle, and the lava is just a re-texture of the original milk tank. Right?
milker and shears

  Maybe not. Because the original texture looks more top-down and it doesn't match the theme of the rest of the texture pack. I don't want to copy-paste the textures, that's why I am making my own ideas. But instead of drifting off, I decided to stick to the original a little bit:

 The one in the middle is the original texture with the original dimensions. The one at the left is the one I should be using since theoretically it resembles the original, but the one on the right is the one I am going to use. Unless you wanted a different thing then specify in the comments.

  Also, I was thinking that the water bucket is not the watering can, but rather just like the lava, but then again it wouldn't make sense.

  The rest of the items are a secret (for now), but meanwhile, check out Mine Little Pony for 1.6.4 Forge! It's really good. Also here is a few of my misadventures with 1.7.2 with the new summon command.
the brave knight on his trusty steed

umm.. the iron knight on his .. 8-legged ally?

iron golem y u no kill zombie?

teehee, i killed the spider and this chicken bug happened

now he's on a cow, but not any cow

oppa cow style!

iron golem still not doing his job >->

 lol trolling cow

someone fix this!

is it intended?

lol another trolling cow

trolling cow!

all the cows are trolling cows

gangsta cows

another experiment to develop an algorithm

maybe I won't tell you the details

golems don't do their job in water properly?! BUG!


they gather near the door..

but nobody inside it!

the WaRrior

an invulnerable snow golem against a giant zombie

"Please let me sell you this chicken feed."

"What a bad way to kick me out of your door!"


back to the epic battle!

"You are small, let me sell you the instant growth fruit."

aw, he's gone :(

Thanks Warrior, for protecting justice once more.

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