Sunday, March 23, 2014

Galaxy Gear Comparison

Galaxy Gear Comparison  

  Now with more variations of the Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, it seems that Samsung is trying to cover its mistake by making many options for us to choose from. Although in actuality, aren’t they all the same?

  First, and foremost, what is Samsung’s mistake that they are trying to cover? I don’t know either. It’s a hypothetical question. Just kidding. While I may believe the problem is not hardware related, but rather marketing related, I know what measure they’re taking to avoid whatever mistake it was: and that is to add superior hardware and more features which you do not know if you’d use. In fact, it’s the same approach with the new smartphone S5, even though that doesn’t make it a bad thing for the smartphone. For a watch, however, what are the chances that there’d be a huge difference between an 800MHz and a 1GHz Dual-core when you never use it?

  I have a feeling this is just to get a higher price, but let’s talk technically. Here's a comparison of the specs, even though not all the specifications are confirmed.

  I believe that the Gear 2 and the Gear Neo are almost, if not exactly, the same, with the exception of the camera. Not sure what they want here, even though it’s good not to include a camera. Some people are allergic to cameras, no joke. Many places in some Gulf countries are not allowed to have cameras, and it’s good to consider everyone.

  All the generation 2 has a new OS, which is a hybrid between Samsung’s OS that it plans to introduce to the smartphone market, and compatibility for android devices. Again, it’s only for the new Samsung Galaxy devices, with no shame to the square screen, with the exception of the Fit, acting like a banner or a neon sign on the top of a shop with those fearless dimensions of its.

   There is now water resistance, and a heart rate monitor. The Fit also claims to have better battery. That’s very impressive. What isn’t, however, is the better processor, because you won’t need it. I am talking because I bought the Sony Smartwatch 2 so I am not looking for a replacement. The only thing that the Gear 1 has over the SW2 at that time was the ability to emulate full android apps. But the SW2 never lagged with me despite having inferior processing power. Also, speakers are embarrassing, which is a bonus point to the Gear Fit, since it won’t answer your call.

  There isn’t much for me to say after this. I’d like you to examine the table once more. Which part is more significant to you. Which watch would you choose? Tell us in the comments, and Play More Zelda!

P.S. This was written in Word 2013, and it’s quite annoying. Powerpoint is ruined, and Word is frustrating. Don’t even ask for a review.

Just look at all the blue mistakes, because I wrote “I’d” instead of “I would”, or that ending the sentence with from is a little informal. As a gamer, I always want to score perfect. Naturally, I usually like to go for a perfect-looking document, but now I’m nowhere near close to satisfying Word. It’s always suggesting new things to write even when the old ones are 

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