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Miasma in Gaming

Miasma in Gaming

  Miasma is an idea from old times that is now used in video games. Should we really be playing with the cause of thousands of peoples’ death centuries ago?

  Okay, video games are not real, but miasma briefly is. The definition of miasma is not merely poison gas, nor is its identity some kind of evil aura. Miasma is when science was not so well developed. They didn’t believe in unicellular organisms nor did they understand how to stop contagious diseases from spreading. Not to mention that some symptoms are similar (seriously bacteria why don’t you try to be unique in your symptoms) and I definitely don’t blame the ancestors for this one. So is miasma a group of diseases walking next to each other? Yes. If you have the flu, do you carry a “miasma” that you can infect others with? Yes. Do you usually find miasma near polluted ponds, or other weird places, and it smells sickening? Yes. Can poisonous plants spread a miasma of their own? Yes.
two demons are here, and they're called CO2 and H2O

  That is why miasma is polluted air. It usually gives you contagious diseases and is said to poison you. But in Final Fantasy XIII, miasma is a physical attack where its animation looks like breathing onto your face (stop smoking, Varcolaci), which gives you poison, deprotect, deshell, and sometimes even imperil!! Ofcourse, it is available in many other games, but this one calls it “miasma” which is so obvious more than others.
 i totally have no idea why we have miasma in our modern world

  It isn’t a laughable matter. It still happens today, from the car exhausts and factories. Beijing got covered by it this year’s winter. Ofcourse, they call it bad air, but it is miasma, well, kind of. Maybe if we classify types of miasma it wouldn’t be so bad to add them in games.
looking like a bird grants you the following life hacks:
100% prevention from miasma
  So, let’s keep our planet green and encourage others to stop smoking. That, and wear a mask when you are sick or AT LEAST cover your mouth and nose when sneezing. It may sound too idealistic, but we should learn a few things from our ancestors, and video games, because if one isn’t main stream then the latter is. Play More Zelda; it starts in Kokiri forest.
sandstorms in Kuwait. image from here

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