Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Top 5 game-related Android apps

Top 5 game-related Android Apps

   We all want to have those breaking the fourth wall moments, and with Google Glass, and other items which I have previously mentioned, making its way onto our heads it just might be possible that we are all characters in a game, right?

  Well, maybe not, but instead of utility apps that enhance your smartphone's performance, why not list apps that enhance your life as a gamer? Check the list to find what you need!

it really works

    This is a simple app, free, with no shady conditions like GPS or phone contacts, and is very straightforward. It basically has AR card images, so that you don't need to carry the AR cards for your 3DS whenever you just want to show off in public. I take my 3DS and phone with me wherever I go, so this proves quite useful. But if you want to ask why a minimalist app makes it into the list is because it has the useful brightness setting, and it never lets the screen lock. I find the brightness setting very convenient than the android gallery, because sometimes I need to instantaneously change brightness without leaving the picture when light level around the room changes. The only drawback is that not all the cards work perfectly.

   Want to fill the Pokedex 3D app you got from the 3DS eshop? Well this buddy gives you all the QR codes that you need. Helps for showing off your daily dedication and completion to the eshop app, so don't tell anyone you have this app! A lot of people around me used it too. It isn't really a spoiler.

3- PokeCalc (Calculator for IV training)

  When I think of Pokemon, I think of this app. It calculates the stats of your pokemon so that you can IV at your own method. Many guides that tell you how to IV are not very useful, so its best that you decide your own methods. No spoilers here then!

  For solo, I play the video games, but nothing beats playing with people cards that took you years of collection, in real life. When playing in real life, a paper and pen quickly becomes a habit, but it is growing out of style. Especially if I always forget the pen every time.
  As a result, 3 out of 4 of every match has turned into a "You added 200LP to yourself just now!" and "Since when were my points like this?" and "Did you change our score when I went for a break?" and even pen & paper didn't solve this issue. However this app is very useful, and especially if the phone user locks with a PIN, then nobody gets hurt. Except cheaters. Like me. Whoops!

  Explaining this app in a few words, it is a calculator, with 2 players, very simple, very easy, and quite handy. Might as well wrap your smartphone inside the rubber band where you put your cards and playing field together!

   I am new to HabitRPG, but it has a lot of features. The first ones you might notice are your EXP and reward system. The very reason we all get addicted to RPGs, just so that we can equip that stronger shield, we keep doing repetitive tasks of destroying the same monsters in a spawn-trapping dungeon.

  And that's exactly what you are doing here. Except that you won't get a shiny Hylian shield at the end of the day, but you will give yourself privileges to watch a movie or etc. Its a self-reward system, but 8-bit. It is somehow like a calendar too.
One drawback is that there is something wrong with the android app currently, so you should open from web browser to edit profile or join a party. But the solo campaign of your life is still fully functional from the app. Good luck, young adventurers in your quest to find the Master Sword (or lose weight).

Did you enjoy the list? I was thinking of making Top 5 video game guides on android so that developers can get inspired. One thing I wish for any android developer to make is a tracker for harvest moon Sunshine Islands crops. Maybe that'll be too complex, but sometimes I need it if I stop playing for 2 days, because then I forget what I did in-game. Maybe I'll program it myself. But I am still learning programming from the very BASIC. Get it? On that side note, I don't cheat in Yugioh, well, most of the time. It depends on what we bet before the match. But you don't have to know that. Why not try this for playing online? Play More Zelda!

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