Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hyper Japan Has Nintendo

Hyper Japan has Nintendo

For the first time, Nintendo will appear in UK's most biggest J-culture event.
This is a kind of weird and short article, but if you go to their main website you can see a "dont forget to bring you 3DS" sign
that is good news and all, and I hope i can get a good inside scoop on Nintendo's convention there, but no guarantees whether I will be going or not. Stay tuned for some close minecraft updates, which I will post the summary right here:
  • Added almost all blocks, all items from previous texture pack to the 1.6.1 version.
  • changed most of the redstone entities.
  • began the GUI, but probably not add it to the next texture pack update until it is all themed properly.
  • Squidwards talk? and complain about damage? what?
Stay tuned for more! Soon I will be able to finish all of my initial list. I am aware that 1.6.2 is out, but first i have to focus on what I have already started.

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