Sunday, January 6, 2013

More of the texture pack

More of the texture pack
Although I have done many variations of the animals, I never really uploaded them. Okay so now is the chance to reveal them in this continuation pack to add to your texture pack by clicking "open texture pack folder" button in the main menu in minecraft.
Here are the screenshots:

The backpack versions, and all the cows and the two dogs, and even the originals, are included. Click here to get it. Have fun! On one note, on this page is my original skin. If you find me on a public server, it's me. I didn't give this skin to anybody else. Here it is. If you know from which anime it is from, and which character specifically, please do tell in the comments. I will make for you especially a skin of your liking.
How to install
1- Download
2- Unzip
3- Open minecraft, click texture packs, click open texture pack folder
4- copy and paste what you please.
5- play Zelda
6- enjoy


Anonymous said...

hmm.. lucky star?

got here from google said...

Finally you got the different cows. It's annoying when you post the screenshot and not the file. oh well, here at last

link said...

Yeah probably lucky star because of the red clothes

Superred vulpix said...

Meh not lucky star.. try harder