Friday, January 11, 2013

Particles, Jukebox, Shovel

Particles, Jukebox, Shovel
The title just says the update list. Jukebox having a minecraft-classic feel, the particles are fixed, and shovel to look like rakes.
 fireworks! for the autumn festivals!

 so that's where I left my limited edition Zelda CD, oh and a gardening tool too!

If you want to know, why a rake? well look at this:
What is the tool she is holding? One that never appears in any harvest moon game. But it is called a rake. It collects leaves in real life. But in Minecraft It increases speed of mining of soil, sand, and SNOW. which would be both cool and funny with a rake. Honestly I think everything should be mined with a giant spoon, it makes so much sense to me! Oh well, so is the new shovel nice? it might take some time to think about, but when the next version is up, try it! It'll be nice. And if you don't like it you can tell us (me and my livestock) and then we'll have a moo quack serious discussion about it, with a little bit of baas and Meows occasionally. I dislike the horse sprite in my favourite harvest moon: Island of Happiness. My to-be favourite, A new beginning, is in 3D!!
There is no longer any point to keep this article longer, so I am signing off and letting you people continue commenting. And play more Zelda!
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