Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nintendo Direct Sum Up

Nintendo Direct Sum Up
This Nintendo Direct is full of new announcements that may be fun, but let's first list them in order:

1- The Wii U gets 2 updates, one in spring and the latter in summer, to get all-new features in Miiverse and the TVii. It sounds okay, not exciting... Yet! This is just a warm up so that you don't faint about (a Zelda announcement) The features sound very cool, though, but are nothing compared to... I'll tell you later.
halfway awesome
One exciting feature is connected to Wii fit U, where you can seem to have a group to chat together privately. It uses the unique ID that is generated when you create this group or private network of sorts, and that sounds pretty cool.
Also the Miiverse will seem to have a filtering function to make awesome posts stand out than the "Yolo, I got polo" random posts you see on any social networking site. That is awesome because with addition to the anti spam and anti swaring the Miiverse has, this will make Miiverse waaaaay better than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other sites combined. It seems the update will also make Miiverse expandable, so they can add new features on Miiverse and expand the servers all they want without the huge updates required.
awesome feature


the miiverse sounds awesome
The Miiverse will have an app for smartphones (android FIRST) but it won't be soon. The website will exist after the spring update but not the application.
2- This is even more exciting, that there will be a virtual console releases. And as a celebration for 30 years of NES, they are making some sort of discount. What is exciting is that this means more game on the Wii U that use the play off TV feature and on the gamepad. As well as Miiverse features, the virtual console won't be so closed and old like it looked like on the Wii. It seems you can also take them from the Wii to Wii U (obviously) and playing on the gamepad sounds good. But not as good as.. Oh I love pulling your leg like this. Especially because it is about.. (Zelda)  One more exciting thing in this point is that some games will come out for a limited time before the update.

3- Moving on to what we all wanted to hear, here are the games that are so exciting coming from Nintendo. Ordered by ascending excitement:
  • Wii Fit U
  • Pikmin 3
  • Wii Party
  • Yoshi's Epic Yarn
  • Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei
  • Zelda! wait, TWO Zeldas!!!!!!
The word TWO was not a printing error. THERE ARE TWO ZELDA GAMES COMING!! It's time to leap for joy!

But before that, you have to see all the cool stuff of that new party game. I never liked the old party one but I think I will get this. So cool!
funny picture. Looks like a family game arcade stuffs finally
The first one is a Wind Waker HD remake. Maybe I don't like remakes but at least I don't have to use my old laggy gamecube controller.
he just said "Zeruda" more awesomely than "Zelda"

As for the entirely new Zelda game, Aonuma says "he can't show you pictures yet" that translates to "The game is simply just so awesome that in order not to ruin your life until launch it's better kept a secret." I don't know to what extent Hyrule could be awesome, but just one tiny tiny picture wouldn't hurt, right?
So what did you think about Nintendo Direct? I think that Zelda is awesome. and I also liked Yoshi as a cute plushie. And until we wait for the best game ever to have more news, play more Zelda!
Yoshi as a plushie
(I seem to have used the word awesome a little bit too much, sorry)

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