Thursday, January 10, 2013

Texture Pack In Progress

Texture Pack In Progress
First I would like to thank all of you who has downloaded my texture pack, and I'd like to let you know that the texture pack is not abandoned and is still in progress. The next version should be 1.4.7 is I finish fast enough before the next update. It is true that so far the fireworks completely don't work, and the first step I did was add them to the texture pack then start working on it. Netherrack will change and more blocks will become harvest moony. However the progress was not uploaded yet.
Firework powder is nice. I already thought of something nice to how it could look like. Maybe a paper bag or redstone-like powder. There are endless possiblities for it. The problem comes with the actual flying firework rockets.
This raises question to, How do fireworks look like in harvest moon? It was always mentioned, but never visualized as an item or a sprite or anything. So what should they look like, if they should actually change, in the texture pack. Should they look the same? Should they change?
Thinking about this matter, animal crossing has sprinklers, party poppers, and these objects are similar to fireworks. So should the texture pack have fireworks that look like this:
From Tmblr by Pineappa Zing
Now I know these are shiny hand stuff, not shiny sky stuff. Which is why I wrote this entire post. To ask you what should the texture pack's firework look like. In fact for the next 3 days there will be slow progress in texture pack, as I will switch to working on the interface and menu screens such as furnace, inventory etc. So this is where you can have time to decide what will the rocket look like. Should it stay the same? Should it be a re-coloured rocket? Should it be Animal Crossing? Or something entirely new? There are the comments but there is also a poll at the side, so suit yourself. And play more Zelda!
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