Thursday, January 24, 2013

3rd adventure map DOWNLOAD NOW

3rd adventure map DOWNLOAD NOW
This is the adventure map I wanted to do from the very beginning. It has the difficulty and 1.2.5 and 1.4.7 versions. The difficulty is like this:
easy = light + water
normal = water
hard = nothing
here is the download list:

  • Now for the screenshots:

    Now I know this is a short article. I am really tired from sitting on the computer all day. Plus that I wasn't able to achieve my daily goal of learning. Today wasn't so good so I can't find anything to type. In the meantime you can just try out the adventure map. They are all harder than the first (handicapped) one. The chests are entirely empty but the terrain has everything you need.
    To the west of spawn direction is a little wood in the plains. There is a cave running right in front of the house. There is a swamp northwards of the spawn and a forest southwards. Eastwards there is sugar cane. So you might as well help yourself. It is no fun surviving if you are all handicapped, right? There is even no dog egg or anything. just the animals, their barns/coops, and your house that is an exact replica. Enjoy! And play more Zelda!


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