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Fairies in Zelda games

Fairies in Zelda games

I previously mentioned yesterday on Zelda Dungeon that fairies have classes just like how some games have classes (warrior, magician, etc) But these classes in fairies are different, and I want to discuss more on them here (with visuals) and clarify that fairies aren't "eaten" like how many people come to agree.

First lets start with the most commonly important fairy, the Great Fairy. She is much bigger in size than all other fairies and she owns a fountain. It seems that these fairies guard some magic power that they would give to you, but notice that every visit, and every secound visit to a great fairy would heal your life and magic. Ofcourse some other fairies only heal your health and not magic, but the point is that all classes of fairies are capable of healing, even if they never do throughout the game. We've established the first obvious rule. If you are still unsure of "classes" then read on and you shall find the answer. Believe.. believe..

Wind Waker fairies are so weak that
they can't emit their own light
Proofs that classes exist are many, but let's look at the first one that comes to mind: The stray fairies. They are fragments of the Great Fairy and even they look special although they have a small size. Their colour changes with the Great Fairy that they were representing. And when you collect one she heals your health only. Ha!

Secound example would be in Spirit Tracks, although you may not remember, but in the entrance of the water temple there is a singing stone. Play the flute, and it would seem that you saved a fairy from being locked up. So it is implied that she has important matters and as a thank you, she would let you use her healing powers only once, and that she is generous enough to do so. This could mean she is of a different class.
Third example would be how the class can change. In phantom hourglass your guardian fairy Ciela, when she regains her memories, Ohsus tells her that she is such a special fairy, that she is a spirit. This proves that classes most certainly exist and that it is possible that fairies can upgrade themsleves or rank up through the classes, only the elite few reaching the top.

Now as to the most common healing fairies that are red or pink (skyward sword). They do have a life and personality, like Tatl and Tael, but the difference between Tatl and an ordinary fairy is that Tatl conserved her powers in order to use them in her own wish (such as scaring your horse) The reason why you can't talk to the healing fairies is because they possess such a small amount of magical power, that they can barely help you out any longer after one healing, because they themselves need to go to the fountain to get refreshed.
This means that when a fairy has disappeared from the game, it doesn't mean she is "eaten" but it means she isn't any helpful in the game at the current moment. Proof would be in Link's Awakening, how it appears that the great fairy is always there except when your hearts are full. Considering that ordinary fairies in Link's Awakening look like miniature versions of their great counterparts, this is a valid assumption.
As to how they heal you. It was mentioned in an interview at Games Kult that Link was inspired by Peter Pan, so it is just as how in Ocarina of Time the fairy just spins around and sprinkles fairy dust. Problem solved. Link isn't evil.
Now for why the Wind Waker fairies just seem so sad. Fairies are an entire race with a population and traditions and culture. Some humans in the real world just want to live peacefully away from adventure, and so do some fairies. They seem to be having a life and some of them just don't want to be disturbed. Maybe they are already weak in power that healing would actually make them sick.
Navi never heals you in game. Her powers are a lot and she won't have time to be healing. She can Z-target (L-target in 3DS remake) and she lets you communicate through Saria's song (she translates the voices heard through the ocarina) Tatl also does a similar translation sometimes. Navi is also very smart and does note your attention to objects that are movable in-game, displays light, colour-codes enemies and suspicious locations, and is like a walkthrough sometimes. Similarly Tatl talks a lot instead of you and gets into fights and made your horse under a spell (check the manga). So then we can also deduce that some classes of fairies lose the ability to heal people any longer, but initially they can.
This makes a lot of sense and proves a lot of mysteries. Do you believe so too? Or do you think I am wrong or missed out something? Tell me in the comments. And play more Zelda!

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