Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lapis, Map, Pack

Lapis, Map, Pack
For starters there is a little surprise with Lapis Lazuli. I don't know if you would like it or not, but it looks like elements. Maybe if gravel became yellower and grass took on the same shape we would be having animal parade elements problem! They would make a good bell pedestal.
Then remember The first adventure map?

Well it had a problem that the farm isn't at spawn. So I am starting another one with a few differences, but the inside of the house and the dimensions of it are an exact replica. Since it was mentioned in an earlier post, hopefully I will add the difficulty, but it would take me some time because too many worlds would crash java due to low space. After all, there will be proper coop and barn so it would sure take some time, considering that this map has a tiny problem. Which is why I think There will be a back door. After all that, there might be a town, but not at the moment.
Saving the best for last, the new texture pack is here. I wanted to save it after finishing tools and armor, but because of the lack of firework particles it was a little bit of a rushy update. Maybe the sponge will be the light element and gravel should stay hue-less like the default. In a private world, I am currently experimenting the rarest villager job that can possibly spawn. The rarest will be mayor Thomas (or Hamilton from tree of tranquility and animal parade) The farming villagers should be rival farmers? It's quite confusing, but since (after the map) I am getting to the armor it would be quite easy to start with villagers too. Then there is the exact map adaptations, but since I don't have MCEdit (and I don't like it) It will take some time to find a perfect terrain.
Download the girl version here.
Download the boy version here.
Did you think these tree leaves have no y-axis increase (this is x and z top view)? If you did, then you fall weak to the power of perspective illusion. Until then, play more Zelda!

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