Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Thought of Pokémon X and Y

First Thought of Pokémon X and Y
With Nintendo Direct two days ago, the beginning of a new Pokémon generation was revealed. The most iconic feature of this generation is being entirely in 3D and having better camera angles that were experimented on since Black and White. Features as in Heartgold and Soulsilver were abandoned for the good of the finding better solutions, and these better solutions are finally coming. Is the new Pokémon as good as it looks?
  It is said that Nintendo wanted to develop it for the Wii U, and I am glad that they didn’t. The Pokémon adventure is always on handhelds, with spin-offs being on home console. Changing the formula would prove that handhelds still can’t take the next step. The 3DS had Ocarina of Time to prove how fast and strong it can run, but N64 emulation is not enough. This is what a 3DS is made for. I didn’t expect a three dimensional Pokémon world but since it’s here, it’s highly anticipated for. Maybe there could be the Pikachu 3DS XL bundle coming to English countries because Pokémon is coming, but Pikachu isn’t confirmed in Generation 6.
  Moving on to the names of the two titles. People already complain about them. However their names make complete sense, but first after looking at the legendaries:

The legendary Pokémon for X is a land dwelling creature, moving in the X axis.

The legendary Pokémon for Y, not only looks like a Y, but also flies. Flying type means that it moves in the Y axis.
Why not add Z? It is the first 3D Pokémon game (from the main series, not spin-offs) and also it’s on the 3DS, and that would be funny. Now, I know most people jumped onto chromosomes, but remember that its only humans with these chromosomes and these are Pokémon. Neither legendary is humanoid either. Actually that is better because Pokémon fans that destroy Pokémon fandom are out there to talk about scientists being evil and mixing races. Gladly this looks more like wildlife and pets than sci-fi and tasers.
  One disadvantage of this is that Generation five just began. What if it gets pushed back that the Pokémon Global Link service is stopped? A new generation means the B2&W2 are not able to play with the newer ones. It is obvious that still the company should support the old games a little longer (most Nintendo consoles have backward integration, so decay is slower than most other companies)
  Overall this looks like something great. It could even compensate the fact that there was no Zelda last year. Because I almost completely forgot that there was no Zelda news last year when I was watching the trailer. It is a nice trailer and I could almost imagine the daydreaming that will possess me in class. And the heaps and loads of fanfiction overloading servers about such a great game that visualizes Pokémon closer to what they would be in a virtual reality.
Caption: This picture reminds me of Zelda the most
  Not to mention that the trailer gives such a great feel to it. This game is going to be pure addiction material. It is very exciting and I hope you can’t wait for it too. Does it look like a Dragon Quest feel? Or Animal Crossing? What is Your Opinion about it? Well, share your thoughts in the comments, and play more Zelda! (captions are very weird)

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