Monday, January 21, 2013

Best anticipated games for 2013

Best anticipated games for 2013
2013 began just a few weeks ago, and it’s about time to talk about what should be the best games out there we should want, especially with the introduction of so much more.
First starting with Nintendo consoles, and especially the most best one out there, the 3DS, here are some notable titles yet to be released (so we exclude harvest moon new beginning and unchained blades although it’s awesome):
1-    Fire Emblem Awakening: I have tried the demo and it has more complicated stuff (the more complex the better) such as adjacent units affecting each other in battle, and the graphics are obviously awesome. Character voice and customization is completely cool, too.
2-    Pokémon X & Y: Probably the second most wanted game coming to the 3DS, it is the first of its kind. Too bad this means the DS is dying
3-    Animal Crossing New Leaf: You can imagine what it would be like already. New features in everything.
4-    Castlevania: Probably the only M-rated game you would ever want on the 3DS this year.
5-    Etrian Odyssey IV: Let’s admit the 3DS has the most and best releases this year.
Now for the Wii U releases, there are not really notable ones, unless casual gamers want to hear that Wii Fit U is coming this year, but Pikmin 3 is worth noting.
The Wii gets Pandora’s Tower, but I don’t know. It’s like this is the end. But it’s for the better because the new Zelda will be the best on Wii U probably.
Moving onto the Playstation 3:
1-    Tales of Xillia: Okay, I don’t really play on playstation, but the battle system sounds way awesome. I am not sure and no guarantees but I want to try it too.
2-    Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII: It’s also coming on Xbox and I am defiantly getting it. 13 was the best and it’s sad that it’s going to end soon so I hope this game is worth being a Majora’s Mask clone.
3-    Dynasty Warriors (PSN) Sometimes games like these make me want to become a dedicated Sony gamer.
There are a lot of titles coming out for PS3 but this isn’t really a site for other consoles than Nintendo. But lucky PS3 gets a lot of RPGs and adventure games.
Now the Xbox:
1-    Dragon Age III: While not an exclusive (it’s also coming on PS3) but it should be a good sequel.
2-    Gears of War Judgment: I like this game and I hope it’s nice.
Lastly Windows:
1-    Sims: I don’t like Sims, but there is so many Sims games going to be released in 2013
The 3DS has so much more interesting titles, and most are exclusives, but for the Xbox, PS3, and Windows have a lot of games released for all titles, which makes the PS3 tops in the total of 153 games announced so far for this year. Look at the graph and see for yourself:

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