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Harvest Moon Adventure Map DOWNLOAD NOW

Harvest Moon-Craft Datalog
Soon I will post only weekly or once every two weeks, so I would like to tell you how the harvest moon has gotten so far. I am making an adventure map, although it is still not finished, but i did a lot so far. I wanted to show you the pictures and see how it looks. With the new snapshot of flower pots and two new crops, Minecraft sure is getting harvest moony. I found this great websites that use cloud saving, so you can download it at the end of the page! Now I will show you the photos. Note that I am still not done.
 The farm dual plot comes in three forms: one with light and water, one with water alone and no light if you feel like a challenge (agressive mobs spawn and ruin crops at night, and crops take longer to mature), and one without any water but there is a well. I only give you the third option only on 1.2.5 with the farmcraftory mod because there is a watering can that takes one block of water and hydrates a lot of farm plot with just one right click

 The house. Complete with toolbox, seed chest and more.

 The two more chests in the background should have the farmcraftory and cook craftory mod tools, that is until i make a complete buying/selling system. If the mod is installed, there should also be a harvest chest and no cocoa beans (you already have them on a jungle tree) also i gave you a few decoration and tree is a jungle bonsai that is not shown. If in 1.3.2 new snapshot you can choose to get all these in flower pots (if you want)

 There is also a door for your dog.

  If the dog does not come walking and when you download the adventure map the dog is sitting and refuses to stand, then i will post another version where you get the wolf egg and a lot of bones.

 The table for eating is Korean-style. You sit on the couch and put your legs inside the table. Don't worry, it doesn't bite!

 This is the chicken "coop" still going to update it. Chickens are not allowed to mix with animals because they love cauldrons and never leave it. There are a few hay stacks and i will make for them an actual indoor coop (and give the horse a stable) You should start with 2 chickens and 1 chick or 3 chickens, depending on your luck

 what you begin with in your first chest (the "toolbox" It has bread , cookies, and cake for you meanwhile the steak, rotten flesh, and chicken are for your puppy. It has a few wheat for you to heard your animales inside the barn at sunset. I forgot the buckets, so that they act like milkers. If you install the liquid mod then you can make a "well" of sorts that you can store milk in and have the buckets empty.

 The secound chest containing all seeds, and a few saplings. The potatoes and carrots should be in another chest but this is without te snapshot so their chest is empty

 Th animal barn from outside. Don't worry it is protected from losing your animals and wolves entering Note that in the big version they will be almost 100% free to roam around but do not leave the farm because the farm will be huge.

The animal barn from up. You start with 3 cows, 2 sheeps, and a "pig" with a saddle so it is a horse. Notice the horse is stuck in a place so that you must go out and get it. Be sure to tak it back into the barn at night! and also close the fence gates at night after you put them in, and open them first thing in the morning. Because in the update the floor of the barn will be wooden planks. There will also be an option to take the barn with a roof (I don't like roofs, but if you are scared they get sick in the rain) if you want. Also, The animals won't get thirsty with the cauldrons.

 The horse. Open the fence gate and he will automatically come to you. Give him a name!

 The kitchen. Bake those cakes and potatoes with ease. Coal is included at the start but at some point you must make your own charcoal or go to the mines in the snow (still in the making)

 The barn. The yellow wool is like fodder, so they (should) stand there every morning so that you shear them. If you want to kill an animal (to take its meat) make sure you have a replacement for it. I left a lot of wheat for you, but you also must plant your own for food

Future Updates
What I was planning to do next:
  • Make the 1.2.5 and 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 after snapshot and before snapshot versions
  • Make the zombie look like  the business man who tries to sell you fake chicken feed and it turns out a troll (in the actual game) In minecraft it will be so he follows you blindly and when you kill him he drops the dog food (rotten flesh) Now that is a good deal.
  • Village and buying and selling system.
  • Village/town Market
  • And more
Here is the link to download Note that some updates could be slower from now on (until next summer) and the different "versions" of with roof without roof and different farm plots will come soon enough.
If you never used an adventure map then follow these steps:
  1.  Extract here (by right clicking and you have to have winzip installed
  2. Copy the Harvest Moon folder (the interior harvest moon, in case you clicked extract to instead of here)
  3. Paste into %appdata% /Roaming / .minecraft /saves
  4. Open and enjoy
The farm is away from spawn. Use the nickname Mark or Chelsea when opening if you cant find the farm. Use those nicknames through mineraft updater, because they are not real accounts so they dont have passwords. Both people spawn inside the house. In an update i will do a wool path leading you to the farm (probably a red VIP path)

Thank you.


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